Juugo Yama arrives at Nanae Island, a manmade island in the Pacific Ocean that’s also known as the Special Student Zone. He comes to the island because his father kicked him out of the house.

Juugo rents a low-rent apartment at the Happy House. As per the agreement, he has to pay a year’s rent up front, and there’s no refund if he moves out before the year is up. When he goes into his room, he sees a girl in there, watching television and eating pudding. He learns from Shiki Maboro, the owner and manager of Happy House, that the girl is the ghost of Nanana Ryugajo, a girl who was murdered in the apartment 10 years earlier.

Through interacting with her, Juugo learns that while he goes through Nanana when he touches her, she can touch him without any problems. This causes some problems later when Nanana wants to fight in order to determine who the master of the apartment is. Unfortunately, Juugo can’t move out, because he doesn’t have enough money to be able to.

While in the bathroom, Juugo finds the “Nanana Manual,” which was written by someone named Kasumi Konjou. By reading this manual, he starts getting a better idea of how to interact with Nanana. Later, he does some research and discovers some interesting information not only about Nanana, but about Shiki as well. From talking to Shiki, he learns more about Nanana’s Collection, which is referenced in the Nanana Manual.

Juugo also has his first day of school, where he meets class rep Yurika Yumeji. By the end of their interactions, it appears that Yurika might have feelings for Juugo.

Episode One did an effective job of establishing the characters we meet, as well as the basic story of the series. There is also the occasional “fanservice” shot, primarily when Juugo has interactions with Shiki. In addition to this, there are times when Juugo is acting like a typical high school boy and thinking about girls and their physical attributes.

The concept about Nanana’s Collection, which also includes Nanana’s Buried Treasure, is an intriguing one. The information that’s given on it during this episode is intriguing enough to make me want to watch more of the series to see if Juugo will try to find any of the treasure. The interactions between Juugo and Nanana are also fun to watch, and I’m interested to see how their interactions will change over the course of the series as they get to know each other better.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure is off to a promising start, and I’m looking forward to watching Episode Two in order to find out how this story will progress.

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