Riddle Story of Devil: Episode 1 – “The World is Full of ___”

Riddle Story of Devil is an anime based on a manga by Yun Koga. The series is produced by Diomedea and is directed by Keizo Kusakawa. As of this writing, FUNimation Entertainment holds the North American streaming rights for Riddle Story of Devil.

Tokaku Azuma transfers into Myojo Academy as a member of Year 10, Class Black. There’s a total of 13 students; 12 of them are assassins disguised as students, and their target is Haru Ichinose, the 13th student in the class.

Before joining her new class, Tokaku is sent an email with a riddle: “The world is full of ___” Tokaku doesn’t get the answer right.

On the first day of class, only five of the students are there: Tokaku, Haru, Isuke, Nio, and Student No. 12 (who says she won’t introduce herself until after the sun sets.). Haru gives everyone cell phone straps that she’s made. At the time, Tokaku thinks she doesn’t want it. Later, when Nio tries throwing hers out of a window, Tokaku saves it. Isuke then also throws hers at Tokaku and says that she doesn’t want it.

It turns out that Tokaku and Haru are roommates in the dorm. And since Tokaku is Student No. 1 in the class, she has been given the task of taking roll call. In addition to the characters we already met, we meet some of the other classmates who weren’t in class that morning: Haruki, Chitaru, and Hitsugi.

That night, Tokaku shows the riddle to Haru. She says that she doesn’t know the answer, but if she were allowed to decide the answer, she would say “forgiveness.”

After meeting these characters, quite a few of the assassins are on the freaky side, with the worst being Student No. 12. When she introduces herself,        she says she is Mahiru during the day and Shinya Banba at night. As a viewer, I could also see through the way characters acted that they’re already plotting and thinking about how to backstab the others in order to get the target first.

Haru herself is interesting. She always refers to herself in the third person, has unusual scars on her legs, and is later seen saying to herself, “Miss Tokaku, please don’t hate Haru even once you get to know Haru.” So it seems to me there’s more to Haru than meets the eye.

Episode 1 is very heavy in the exposition, so there’s not a lot of action that takes place. However, when you make it through the episode, you’re rewarded with some of the characters becoming more established and also developing a true interest in these developed characters. I’m very curious now to see how Riddle Story of Devil will continue, and whether or not the promise I see for the series manifests itself as it continues.

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