Manga Review: Bleach Volume 12

Bleach Volume 12 is a manga by Tite Kubo, and it was published in North America by Viz Media’s Shonen Jump imprint in 2006. The series is rated “T” for teens; from what I’ve read of the manga and from what I’ve seen of the anime series, I would agree with this rating.

Bleach Volume 12
Written by: Tite Kubo
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: April 4, 2006

15-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of the series, and he has the ability to see ghosts. After meeting a Soul Reaper named Rukia, his home is attacked by a Hollow. Rukia tries to transfer some of her powers to Ichigo so he can protect his family; however, he unintentionally absorbs all of her power. Ichigo defeats the Hollow and begins serving as a substitute Soul Reaper. In Volume Seven, Rukia was taken back to Soul Society to face punishment for transferring her powers to a human. Rukia now faces execution, and Ichigo and his friends try to find a way to get to Soul Society in order to save her.

Volume 12 primarily follows Ichigo, Ganju, and Hanatora as they make their way through the Senzaikyu. First, Hanatora heals the wounds Ichigo incurred during his fight with Renji, and then they encounter Kenpachi, the captain of Eleventh Company and his assistant captain, Yachiru.

This volume also sees Chad making his way through Soul Society. After finding out where the Senzaikyu is, he heads on his way there. Unfortunately for Chad, he encounters Shunsui Kyoraku, the captain of Eighth Company. During Chad’s portion of the story, the reader is treated to some backstory for Chad, including how Chad and Ichigo became friends.

Volume 12 also sees that Captain Aizen being killed and his assistant captain, Momo Hinamori trying to get vengeance for his death.

At the back of Volume 12 is a short story that’s a flashback to the characters’ first day of high school. The main focus is on Mizuiro and Keigo and how they meet and become friends with Ichigo and Chad.

Volume 12 includes quite a bit of backstory, which is a nice change of pace from the action that’s been a strong focus in this story arc. Nothing against the action, because it’s very important to progress the story, but the backstory sections allow the reader to catch their breath and take a break from the action. The bonus story at the end of the volume was also a nice touch, because it builds on the backstory that showed how Ichigo and Chad met.

Even though I already know how this story will progress from seeing the anime, I’m still just as riveted and interested in the story as I would be if I was seeing this story for the first time.

Unfortunately, I can’t really comment on too much more, because I’m much further along in the anime series and I don’t want to inadvertently provide spoilers to readers who haven’t made it past this volume of Bleach.

If you’ve read the previous eleven volumes of Bleach and enjoyed what you read, then I think you’ll also enjoy reading Volume 12.

I wrote this review after reading a copy of Bleach Volume 12 that I checked out through the King County Library System.

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