One Week Friends: Episode 1 – “Beginning of a Friendship.”

One Week Friends is an anime based on a manga by Matcha Hazuki. The series is produced by Brain’s Base, and is directed by Tarou Iwasaki. As of this writing, Crunchyroll holds the North American license for streaming, while Sentai Filmworks holds the North American home video distribution rights for One Week Friends.

A high school boy named Yuki Hase notices that his classmate, Kaori Fujimiya, always seems to be alone and has no friends, and he decides that he wants to be friends with her. One Monday, when they’re walking down the hall at school, Yuki tells Kaori that he wants to be friends. Kaori responds that while she appreciates it, she can’t be friends with him.

After being shot down by Kaori, Yuki tells his friend Shogo about it. When Yuki asks Shogo what Kaori’s response means, he says he doesn’t know and that Yuki should ask her. He also mentions seeing Kaori heading to the roof, and Yuki goes running up there to see her. When Yuki tries to talk to her, Kaori lets out some fake coughs and walks away.

On Tuesday, Yuki finds Kaori on the school roof again and tries talking to her. When Kaori says she can’t be friends with him, Yuki says they don’t have to be friends, but he’d like to eat lunch with her. Karoi relents.

On Wednesday, Yuki is running late to lunch because their teacher holds him back to talk about his concern about Yuki’s performance in math. When Yuki finally makes it up to the roof, he finds that Kaori hasn’t eaten because she was waiting for him. They also meet on the roof on Thursday and Friday. When they’re together on Thursday, it’s obvious that Kaori wants to think of Yuki as a friend and they act like they’re friends. However, on Friday, Kaori tells Yuki not to talk to her anymore; she explains that on Mondays, all of her memories of the people she’s close to or wants to spend more time with are completely reset (however, her family is an exception).

At the end of the episode, Yuki arrives to school on Monday and approaches Kaori. He can tell by how she greets him that she really did forget about the time they’d spent together the previous week. Yuki makes the decision to say that he wants to be friends with her as often as he can.

After watching this episode of One Week Friends, I thought it was a rather sweet series; however, it’s not so sweet that it’s saccharine. It’s a light-hearted show, but it’s not so light-hearted that it’s simply a barrage of jokes. There was a good mixture of humor and drama in the first episode.

As I watched Kaori and Yuki’s interactions on the roof during the week, I could tell that Kaori really liked being around Yuki and wanted to be friends. The two of them have such a natural chemistry, that even I was disappointed at the end of the first episode when Kaori didn’t remember the time she’d spent with Yuki.

The characters also seemed to be rather accessible to the audience. While there may not have been a lot of character development, I was able to get a good sense of the various characters through their interactions with each other. After watching this first episode, I already care about Yuki and Kaori.

One Week Friends seems to have a lot of promise. From what I’ve seen, there’s supposed to be 12 episodes of the series, and I hope this concept is able to hold up over the course of those 12 episodes. I’d hate for it to turn out that the early part of the series is good and then have the later episodes fall apart because the concept wasn’t strong enough to maintain itself for the series’ run.

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