The main character of the series is Maria Kawaii, a girl who transferred to Totsuka High School after being expelled from St. Katria for beating up a teacher. At the beginning of the series, she was misunderstood and bullied by many of her classmates. However, she was still able to make friends with Yusuke Kanda, Shin Meguro, and Tomoyo Kousaka. Later, Maria gets to know Shintaro Kurosu, a young man who has a major crush on her. Ayu, one of Maria’s former bullies, also becomes friends with her.

A Devil and Her Love Song Volume 13
Written by: Miyoshi Tomori
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: February 4, 2014

In Volume 12, Shin leaves to go to America to get surgery for his injured tendon and go through rehab in the hopes of being able to play the piano again. Shin also tells Maria that they should go their separate ways because he doesn’t want her to see the person he’s going to turn into.

At the end of Volume 12, Maria begins making music videos with her friends and posting them on the internet, in the hope that Shin will see them and understand the feelings she’s trying to convey.

Yusuke is the one filming the videos, but he still has feelings for Maria. Ayu has feelings for Yusuke, and this becomes a point of contention at the beginning of Volume 13. Ayu becomes frustrated that Maria seems to be oblivious to Yusuke’s feelings. This escalates with a confrontation between the two in the girls’ bathroom at school. Fortunately, they’re ultimately able to work out their differences with some intervention from Tomoyo.

Maria is also feeling confused about her future, and Yusuke convinces her that she should look into a career in singing. Maria begins trying to get a demo out there. She is recognized from her videos, and is asked to sing. The critique she’s given is that it sounds like she’s singing to only one person instead of many. She’s told that when she can sound like she’s singing to everyone she can come back and try again. Maria feels defeated, but she receives a surprise when Shin returns from America on a surprise visit. When Shin asks Maria to return to America with him to go to music school, she has to make a choice…

While Volume 13 did bring A Devil and Her Love Song to an end, I’m not entirely convinced that it’s a satisfying ending. While Maria makes a choice, there’s really no closure. A side story was included at the end which shows something that happened early on in Yusuke’s and Shin’s friendship. Personally, I would’ve rather seen those pages used as some kind of “afterword” to basically narrate what happens in the future and to bring a more definitive ending to the series.

The first four chapters in Volume 13 are told from different characters’ perspectives. The first chapter is from Yusuke’s point of view, the second chapter is from Ayu’s perspective, the third is told from Tomoyo’s point of view, and the fourth is from Shintaro’s perspective. On the one hand, it’s an interesting way to tell some of the story. On the other, though, it’s a bit jarring since only part of the volume is done in this manner, and this kind of storytelling really hadn’t been used in the earlier volumes of the series.

Overall, I really did enjoy the A Devil and Her Love Song manga series. It was very effective at drawing me in with the first volume with its subject matter and intensity, and it made me want to keep on reading. I looked forward to when I could read each volume in order to find out what would happen to Maria. I was very excited to read Volume 13, but in the end, I didn’t quite get the payoff that I was hoping for.

If you decide to read A Devil and Her Love Song, just know that there’s a chance that you’ll fall in love with the series but that you probably won’t get a truly satisfying conclusion at the end of the series.

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