At the end of Episode 11, Makusu asked for Cecil to represent him at his trial. Cecil isn’t sure what to do, and Hotaru suggests visiting him before making a decision. Cecil agrees with this idea. When Cecil goes to see Makusu, he claims that he’ll confess everything and admit to everything starting with the incident six years ago. He says he asked Cecil to represent him as his way of making things up to her.

Later, Cecil talks with the others at the office, and they wonder whether or not he’ll truly come clean. Cecil decides that she needs to represent Makusu, since this is the first real chance she’s seen about getting her mother a retrial.

When Cecil meets the prosecutor on the case, it turns out to be the same prosecutor from her mother’s trial. During the pre-trial hearing, it appears that Makusu is up to something, and this is confirmed when the trial actually gets going. Cecil and the Butterfly Law Offices have to find a way to prove that Makusu is guilty, even though they’re supposed to be the ones defending him. Near the end, some unexpected things happen that bring about a favorable resolution for Cecil.

Wow, this episode ended up getting rather intense during the trial. And as Makusu tried to spin more and more lies to try to get himself out of trouble, I swear my blood was almost boiling. I was glad to see him knocked down several pegs near the end of the episode!

Unfortunately, we don’t learn exactly what kind of sentence Makusu ends up receiving, and whether or not Cecil’s mother is granted a retrial. My biggest disappointment with this episode is the fact that we don’t learn what happens to Cecil’s mother. At this point, the viewer is left with the responsibility of assuming what happens. Fans of the show who are fanfic writers could have a field day with the fact that this loose end exists, though.

Overall, Wizard Barristers turned out to be a pretty good series, even though I’m disappointed with the fact that the loose end about Cecil’s mother still exists. Of the six new shows I watched during the Winter 2014 season, Wizard Barristers was only beaten out slightly by Hamatora as my favorite new show of the season. Since Sentai Filmworks has licensed the series for home video release, there’s a chance of getting it on home video at some point in the future. This is a title that I’d be willing to add to my personal anime home video library.

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