Anime Spotlight: Strike the Blood

Strike the Blood is an anime series based on a light novel written by Gakuto Mikumo and illustrated by Manyako. The anime is produced by Silver Link and Connect and is directed by Hideyo Yamamoto. The series aired on Japanese television from October 4, 2013-March 28, 2014. As of this writing, Discotek Media holds the North American home video license for Strike the Blood.

Strike the Blood is set on Itogami Island, and it’s known as the Demon District because it’s the home of various magical beings who have been authorized by the government to live there for protection and research purposes. The main character of the series is Kojou Akatsuki; three months prior to the start of the series, he became the Fourth Progenitor, which has given him vampiric powers. A girl named Yukina Himeragi has been given a mission by the Lion King Organization to observe Kojou, and if she deems him to be dangerous, she has been ordered to kill him. Kojou has Familiars that don’t acknowledge him at first, but Yukina allows him to take her blood so he can utilize them. As the series goes on, Yukina develops feelings for Kojou.

Kojou has a younger sister named Nagisa, and she has no idea that her brother is the Fourth Progenitor. He has a female friend named Asagi who likes him but is also unaware that Kojou is the Fourth Progenitor.

Kojou ends up acquiring a little more of a harem over the course of the series. In addition to Yukina and Asagi, there’s Sayaka Kirasaka from the Lion King Organization, La Folia Rihavein (the princess of Aldegyr), and Kojou’s childhood friend Yuuma Tokoyogi.

The series focuses on the various perils that Kojou must endure due to his being the Fourth Progenitor, and how Yukina and some of the other characters help him out of predicaments.

I admit that I wasn’t entirely sure about Strike the Blood after watching the first episode, but I decided to give it a chance and continue watching it. After watching the second episode, though, I was more impressed with the series than I thought I’d be. The cliffhanger ending for episode three ultimately sold me on the series.

As the series progressed through the various story arcs, more characters were introduced. Most of them seemed to have an importance to the series, although there were a couple of characters who were only truly important for a couple of story arcs, and then basically all but vanished from the series.

After making it through all 24 episodes of Strike the Blood, I have to say that overall, I was satisfied with how the series progressed and ultimately came to its conclusion. It was a series I came to look forward to watching on Fridays.

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  1. milesvibritannia · June 7, 2014

    Strike the Blood was a series I quite enjoyed watching weekly. I suppose it’s not exactly the most revolutionary story and I feel it could’ve added a lot more to its development, but for what it’s worth is was a fun watch and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of it in the future.

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