Episode 24 opens with an explanation as to why the other “Yukina” has come to Itogami Island. Right after this, the magical beast starts attacking the island, and is causing it to become disassembled. Asagi tries her hardest to minimize the damage, but the island will still sink in 30 hours’ time.

Meanwhile, Kojou, Sayaka, and Yukina are meeting in a park. Sayaka fills them in on what Dimitri told her about the creature. Yukina then tells them that the Lion King Organization has ordered her to return, and a tearful Yukina tells Kojou goodbye. After she leaves, Sayaka asks Kojou what he plans to do. When he says he isn’t going to go after her, Sayaka slaps him and makes it clear that he needs to rethink his position. He changes his mind and starts going after Yukina, but the magical creature attacks nearby. The people of the island are told to evacuate, and Asagi calls Kojou and tells him to get away. Just as Asagi is about to confess her feelings to Kojou, the phone company’s system goes out.

Yukina is at the airport, and the other “Yukina” approaches her. Yukina admits that she wants to go back but thinks she can’t because Schneesturm Wolfin is destroyed and no longer there to hold her and Kojou together. “Yukina” scolds her, and asks Yukina what she wants, not as a member of the Lion King Organization, but as a girl. Yukina admits that she wants to stay with Kojou, and the other “Yukina” is able to do something that will not only allow her to return by Kojou’s side, but to fight alongside him in the battle against the magical creature.

Ultimately, I have to say that the episode and series end on a note that I would have expected it to. And the ending of the episode proved my assumption from Episode 23 correct: that the other “Yukina” is the daughter of Kojou and Yukina that has come from the future. It turns out that she came in pursuit of the magical beast, which is a manmade mechanical beast created in an experiment that crosses time, distorts space, and consumes dragon veins to destroy the land they support.

Overall, I’m rather satisfied with how Strike the Blood came to an end. I may have been a little unsure about the series after the first episode, but I’m glad I stuck it out and watched more of the series. It’s one I came to look forward to watching on Fridays.

Strike the Blood is a series that I wouldn’t mind adding to my anime home video collection, but as of this writing, it appears that no one has licensed the series for a North American home video release. Such a shame, too, as it’s one I would definitely put on my “to buy” list.

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