Sakura Diaries Volume 2: Love & Kisses is a single disc release of the final six episodes of the Sakura Diaries OVA series. This DVD was released in 2005 by ADV Films.

Sakura Diaries Volume 2: Love & Kisses
English Publisher: ADV Films
Format: DVD

The storyline in Sakura Diaries really advances over the course of these episodes. Touma finally gets a clue about Urara’s feelings for him, and the awkward situations that this knowledge brings about. Touma also learns about being deceived by two different parties, and the effect that learning about this deception has on him. In the last couple of episodes, Touma must face certain realities and truly figure out what he wants to do with this life and how he will accomplish those goals. My main disappointment with this portion of Sakura Diaries is the fact that I was rather dissatisfied with how the series ultimately ended.

I’m sorry for being rather vague with the description, but going into too much more detail runs the risk of providing “spoilers” to readers who may not have had the opportunity to watch Sakura Diaries before reading this review.

Like the first disc, there is still “fanservice” included in these episodes, and it’s just as integral to the story as it was for the episodes on Volume 1. Again, while the rating on the box says TV-14, I would personally recommend Sakura Diaries to anime viewers who are 16 or 17 years of age and older.

As for the DVD itself, the bonus features are rather similar to what appeared on Volume 1. This disc has another copy of the opening credits without text, another copy of the closing credits without text, as well as another copy of the “Bonus Unused Closing Theme.”

The “Liner Notes” extra is a text feature that provides information on and explains some of the Japanese references that appear in the episodes on this disc. There is also a voice actor commentary included for Episode 11. In my opinion, the “Liner Notes” and voice actor commentary are the best bonus features included on this disc. There is also a section with previews for six properties that ADV Films was promoting at the time this DVD was released, as well as the DVD Credits.

If you’re a fan of Sakura Diaries and haven’t included it in your home video library yet, buying either the two single DVD volumes of the series or the Complete Series release would be your best bet for acquiring this property.

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