D-Frag!: Episode 12 – “At this Rate, You’ll have Zero Friends for All Eternity!”

D-Frag! is about a boy named Kenji Kazama, a delinquent at Fujou Academy. During the first episode, he and his friends Yokoshima and Nagayama encounter the school’s Game Creation Club when they see smoke coming out of their clubroom. After putting out the fire, the three club members (Roka, Chitose, and Sakura) start using their “battle types” to fight against them. By the end of episode one, Roka and the rest of the club get Kenji to agree to become a member of their club; the club needs one more member in order to keep from being closed down.

Episode 12 provides the conclusion of the game battle between the Game Creation Club (Provisional) and the third year ex-Student Council Members. Unfortunately, there ends up being a slight time skip, since the audience never got to see the actual battle between Roka, Sakura, and Matsubara. Instead, we see that the three of them have finished, and that Roka sends a message to Kenji sharing the root of the animosity between Chitose and Tama. For the audience, we get to see an actual flashback.

After this, quite a bit of the episode shows Tama, Chitose, and Kenji talking a lot and throwing insults at each other, and not a whole lot of action takes place. The main action in their fight takes place right near the end, and this action ultimately determines who wins the game battle.

I have to say that quite a bit of Episode 12 felt like it was there more to kill time than to truly add anything to the story. In fact, most of the episode just felt like it was dragging along. As I watched, it seemed to me that the writers didn’t have enough content to have a full-length episode, so they had to add in the teachers betting on the fight, the long flashback, and the massive amount of talking that was taking place during what should have been the big and climactic fight. By the real action happened, it felt so anticlimactic.

Also, this really didn’t feel like an episode to end a series on. Nothing has been resolved at all, and little to no progress has been made on the loose threads that are out there. I found this to be an unsatisfying ending for a series that had worn out its welcome for me several episodes ago. While I’ve thought that D-Frag! has been drudgery to watch for a while now, Episode 12 was the worst of this I’ve experienced.

All I can say is, “Thank God D-Frag! is over!” If, for some reason, another season were to ever be produced for this series, I wouldn’t bother to watch it. So long, D-Frag! – I’m not going to miss you!

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