Review: Weekly Shonen Jump (March 31, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for Seraph of the End, One Piece, World Trigger, All You Need Is Kill, Naruto, Toriko, Nisekoi, Stealth Symphony, and Bleach

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

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Seraph of the End CH:014

In the previous chapter, Yuichi recognizes Mika and is unable to kill her. Mika declares that Yuichi is being used by the humans and vows to save him. The Seventh Progenitor says he can turn Yuichi into a vampire, but Mika declares that if the Seventh Progenitor lays a hand on Yuichi, Mika will kill him. After a noble named Crowley joins them, Lt. Colonel Guren and his group try to flee; they are attacked. Yuichi sees his comrades having their blood sucked by vampires, and he suddenly sees Asuramaru, a demon who possesses Yuichi. The part of Yu that isn’t human starts to run wild and attack humans. Shina is told to embrace Yu because it should bring him back from what he’s become. When she does, it appears to work. The Hiragi family arrives, led by the arrogant Lieutenant General Kureto Hiragi, to defeat the vampire nobles. The vampires decide to retreat, but Mika says that Yu still needs to be rescued. Mika is forced to leave.

The story then moves to five days later. Shinoa discovers there’s a lab in the underground of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army’s Shinjuku Barracks. She learns it’s there to experiment on their guinea pigs. At first, she’s told she is unable to pass, but once she shows she’s a member of the Hiragi family, the guards let her through. She takes a tour of the lab. Then she goes to see Lt. Colonel Guren to ask what he’s trying to do to Yu, because he hasn’t woken up yet. All Shinoa gets are snide answers. Before she leaves, he says the drugs are wearing off and she should pay him a visit.

I’m still basically lost when it comes to the section of the chapter that was taking place during the battle. However, after the skip of five days, the story started to make a little more sense to me. The section with Shinoa in the Shinjuku Barracks helped to explain a little bit about what’s going on and why Shinoa acts the way that she does. If I’d read the series from the beginning, I might have known some of this beforehand; however, since I jumped in the middle, there’s some information presented earlier in the series that I don’t know. Seraph of the End does seem to be an interesting story, and hopefully it’ll start making more sense as I read more chapters.

One Piece CH:742

In the previous chapter, Usopp is trying to get away. Meanwhile, the toys keep saying that Usoland (aka Usopp) will save them. Usopp hears what they’re saying, but he tries to ignore what he’s hearing. However, he runs over to the toys and admits to all the lies that he’s told. But after his admission, he does something surprising. This chapter opens with focusing on a character named Kyros and seeing his backstory. It turns out he is the father of Rebecca, a character I saw briefly in an earlier chapter. This also reveals to the audience who the one-legged toy is. Then we see that the one-legged toy is having a flashback while he’s with Viola and Luffy. Then we see Rebecca in the coliseum, where she learns the truth about who shot her mother years earlier. And right at the end of the chapter, something happens to Usopp…

Quite a bit of Chapter 742 delves into the backstory for both the one-legged toy and Rebecca. Since I jumped into the middle of this particular story arc, I found the backstory to be rather helpful for me to better understand what’s been going on as well as getting a better idea of the setting for this arc. There wasn’t much action in this particular chapter, but that’s okay.

World Trigger CH:054

Chapter 53 switched focus to another squad at first, but then returns to Osamu and his group. Another squad arrives to help Osamu and the others out, and the new squad will work on rescuing Kitora while Osamu is assigned to support the C-Rank trainees. Chapter 54 opens with an explanation about Kion and Aftokrator and about the horned Aftokrators. Osamu then encounters a man with horned humanoid Neighbor. Meanwhile, a horned humanoid Neighbor makes an appearance at another area of the battle; quite a bit of the chapter focuses on this area of the battle.

After getting the explanation at the beginning of the chapter, the rest of Chapter 54 is very action-oriented. This battle also allows the reader to see the horned humanoid Neighbors in action after getting the explanation about them. From the one we see fighting in this chapter, it appears the horned humanoid Neighbors are rather formidable foes. Several new characters are introduced in the new area of the battle that’s being focused on, so I do feel a little lost, especially since I jumped into the middle of this particular story arc. It seems to be an interesting story, though, so I’m hoping that reading future chapters will help me to better understand the story.

All You Need Is Kill CH:010

The previous chapter continued Rita’s backstory, which focused on when she discovered she was in a time loop and her determination to try to solve the mystery of why it’s happening. The backstory continues in Chapter 10, with Rita reliving a moment over again and that her headache seems to get worse the more she loops back. As Rita is walking, something happens that hasn’t happened to her during the previous time loops. From this incident, Rita learns that data for every solider on the battlefield is being recorded. Rita learns that there’s a backup of her data because of how important she is, and this gives Rita an idea as to what she needs to do in order to get out of the time loop. She puts her plan into action, and it appears she may have broken out of the loop. Rita then became a test subject for top-secret research to study the time loop.

This chapter finally provides the conclusion for Rita’s backstory. It made me wonder, though, if she might try to help Keiji break out of his time loop in a future chapter. Since she knows how to break out of the loop and is aware of the fact that Keiji is in a loop, could she end up trying to help him? Future chapters will reveal whether or not she may do that, as well as where the story will be headed to next.

Naruto CH:670

In the previous chapter, Guy opens the Eighth Gate and launches a barrage of attacks on Madara. Minato, meanwhile, comes up with a plan for him, Kakashi, Gaara, and Lee to assist Guy. This chapter opens with Naruto regaining consciousness and not knowing where he is. Naruto encounters a man named Hagoromo, and Naruto notices that he has Rinnengan. Naruto is informed that he has not died, but that he is in his inner mind. Naruto and Hagoromo have quite a conversation… and it’s revealed that Hagoromo is the Sage of Six Paths. From here, Hagoromo tells Naruto a story about his mother and his sons. Hagoromo tells Naruto that he’s a lot like his son, Ashura… in fact, he declares that Ashura has reincarnated in Naruto!

This chapter allows the reader to finally meet the Sage of Six Paths and to get a little bit of backstory of how everything in the ninja world of Naruto came to be. The part of the story about Hagoromo’s two sons had appeared earlier in the series (I saw it told in the Naruto Shippuden anime when I watched Naruto Shippuden Set 16 recently), but it was good to see it again to remind the reader that this story is important to the plot. From what I saw in the Naruto Shippuden anime, it had been strongly hinted that Naruto was a reincarnation of Ashura, while Sasuke is the reincarnation of Inora. This chapter confirms that yes, Naruto is indeed the reincarnation of Ashura. This was a great chapter for imparting some important information, but I’m hoping that we can return to the battle in the next chapter so we can see what happens to Guy and the others.

Toriko CH:271

The previous chapter saw Toriko and some of the chefs going to Biotope 1, where they spent time trying to enter a building that kind of looks like a tree. After they successfully make it inside, they find a bird-like creature named Chichi, the Flavor Hermit, sitting in a rocking chair. In Chapter 271, Chichi begins by sharing his backstory with Toriko and the others. It turns out Chichi is acquainted with Ichi. As they get to know Chichi, he comes across as an annoying pain in the butt. Chichi then says Ichi asked him to serve Toriko and the others a certain food. When he shows them the food, most of the group shows signs of the appetite demon reflex. They are able to get it under control, and Chichi first claims the apple is one of the dishes in Acacia’s full-course meal. Afterward, he says he lied, and that the apple only has the smell of it. The ones who had the reflex could feel that Chichi was telling the truth about the scent.

This chapter basically establishes Chichi and sets the stage for Toriko and the others as they start their journey in the Gourmet World. Like I said in the writeup above, I found Chichi to be rather annoying and obnocious. And it turns out he’s the pervy old man character that usually makes an appearance in shonen series. This was an OK chapter, and hopefully Chapter 272 will be better and really see the action of this story arc get going.

Nisekoi CH:116

In the previous chapter, Ruri comes clean with her great-grandfather about her deception, but is able to make amends by showing him pictures of her the friends she’s made and the times they share. Unfortunately, Ruri’s great-grandfather dies shortly afterward. In this chapter, Raku and the others are having a group study session during the summer. When they break for lunch, Marika shows she’s made a special lunch just for Raku. Raku says the food tastes great, and Chitoge becomes jealous. When Marika makes fun of Chitoge’s cooking, Chitoge declares that she’ll make Raku a delicious lunch; Marika turns it into a contest. Chitoge tries to make ginger pork, but it doesn’t turn out. Chitoge keeps bringing in food she’s made, but even following a recipe, she still can’t make anything edible. Chitoge makes one last attempt to make a lunch for Raku. She makes rice balls, and Raku’s verdict is…

I guess there needed to be a light-hearted story after the story arc with Ruri’s great-grandfather to help lighten the mood. This time, it has to do with food and how the main female protagonist, Chitoge, is a bad cook. Can we say “Akane Tendo” from Ranma 1/2, anyone? And the fact that there’s a cooking competition between Chitoge and one of the other love interests is also something I’ve already seen done in Ranma 1/2. If I hadn’t already seen a similar plot in other manga and anime in the past, I might have found this story to be more humorous. Oh well.

Stealth Symphony CH:006

In the previous chapter, Jig gets a job at an agency for cyborgs. However, at the end of Chapter Five, the readers sees that a complication arises that could make the job rather difficult for Jig. In this chapter, we see the vehicle that Jig is supposed to be rescuing prisoners from; however, inside we see Troma and Alice. It turns out that Alice is uneasy about the job, because it doesn’t seem to be what was presented to them. We see Jig and several others from the cyborg agency heading out to their assignment, and the reader is introduced to Colt Yukimiya. We also get a little bit of backstory for Raika. In the vehicle, Alice sees Troma making a shadow, he suddenly turns into a ninja. With Raika’s viewing devices, she sows Jig that Troma and Alice are in the trailer. Just as the cyborgs are about to attack, something big makes a sudden appearance…

So Jig has learned about Alice and Troma being in the trailer, but we don’t know what he’s going to do just yet. However, with the big thing making its appearance, the cyborgs have to fight with that first before they can go after the trailer. I feel pretty safe in guessing that the battle with the new big thing will be the focus of the next chapter. It was also interesting to see Troma manifest a ninja. It’ll be interesting to see what’ll end up happening in Chapter 7.

Bleach CH:574

In the previous chapter, Kenpachi made an appearance, and Gremmy challenges him to a fight. Gremmy starts using his mind to heal his wounds and create lava. Kenpachi says he doesn’t mind the illogical. When Kenpachi tells Yachiru to get out of there, Gremmy says her bones have turned into cookies with his ability, and that if she tries to move, her bones will shatter and she’ll die. Kenpachi then jumps into the air, and Gremmy turns it into water. Gremmy then creates a crack in the ground and sends Kenpachi and the water down into it. Gremmy expects Kenpachi will die within an hour, but is caught off-guard when Kenpachi comes out of the ground. And by something else that Kenpachi does, he proves that Gremmy’s power isn’t nearly as powerful as he tries to make it out to be…

Gremmy can be quite a formidable foe, can’t he? For most people, there would be no way to determine what Gremmy will imagine and be able to come up with a strategy for it. I’m glad to see that Kenpachi was able to figure out that Gremmy has to continue focusing on someone in order for his ability to work. I’m interested in seeing how this battle between Kenpachi and Gremmy will continue in the next chapter.

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