Harutora, Touji, and Suzuka try to make an escape from Onmyo Academy, but are pursued by Zenjiro’s familiars. Touji and Suzuka end up serving as decoys so Harutora can get away. Harutora summons the Raven Coat and escapes from Zenjiro’s familiars. Unfortunately, he ends up running into Reiji. The two of them start battling, and Kon joins into the fray. Reiji stabs Kon, and it looks like she might disappear. Right after this, Reiji slashes at Harutora’s eye. Kon goes through a major transformation and is able to push back at Reiji, but is unable to defeat him. However, she gets help when the one-armed ogre arrives. Reiji realizes he’s outmatched and flees. As the much-changed Kon (who is named Hishamaru) treats Harutora, we discover that he is unlocking Yakou’s memories.

From here, Harutora, Hishamaru, and the ogre go to see Takiko. She apologizes for what happened to Natsume, and agrees to give Natsume to Harutora. The three of them find Suzuka, and the Taizan Fukun Ritual is performed.

Before the audience learns whether or not the ritual succeeded, we see that Jin asks Doman to become his familiar in order to finish paying off his favor; Doman accepts. Then the ending of the episode reveals whether or not the ritual was successful.

Quite a bit of the episode focuses on the fight between Harutora and Reiji. Because of this, the rest of the episode does feel a little on the rushed side. After such a major fight, Harutora then goes and has a rather easy time getting Natsume back. I would’ve expected some kind of a fight or struggle to get Natsume back, but nope, Harutora just has to walk up to Takiko for an apology and Natsume’s return. It felt rather anti-climactic. And after Harutora retrieves Natsume, the rest of the episode feels rather rushed.

I also have to say that I’m a little disappointed in how the series ended. The ending is rather vague, and there doesn’t truly seem to be any closure for any of the characters. In fact, the audience doesn’t know what happens to any of the characters at the end. With how many loose threads there still are, I really hope there’s a chance for another season of the show. I mean, if this is the way the series ultimately ends, then it ends up becoming a bit of a letdown. Considering the audience spent 24 episodes following these characters and their story, the ending just feels rather unsatisfying.

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