Hamatora: Episode 12 – “File 12: Resolve (Ego)”

Hamatora is set in Yokohama in 2014. In the world of this series, humans with supernatural abilities have been discovered; they are referred to as Minimum Holders. Two Minimum Holders named Nice and Murasaki have formed a detective agency called Hamatora, and they rent out a table at the Nowhere Café and call it their office.

A lot of this episode focuses on Moral and Nice. Before getting onto a boat and meeting up with Nice, Moral injects something into his neck. When they meet, Nice activates his Minimum and tries to attack Moral; unfortunately, Moral has gained the power of teleportation and is able to move out of Nice’s way. We learn that Moral has the Type 0 Minimum, which he claims is power that is said to be akin to being a god.

Moral then goes on and on with his long-winded speeches, which includes him going on and on about the plan that he’s going to launch once the boat reaches its destination. At one point, Moral mentions Art’s death and how insignificant it was. When the battle reaches its climax, Nice finds a way to keep up with Moral and gets a rather impressive blow in on him.

After Moral falls to the ground, he starts vomiting up blood. Art suddenly appears and chides Moral for trying to possess two Minimum abilities. And with this, Art shoots and kills Moral. After Nice asks Art if he really needed to kill Moral, Art does something very unexpected… which ends the episode on a major cliffhanger.

I have to say that the ending of this episode made me go, “WTF just happened?” Art’s sudden reappearance from the dead without any explanation was puzzling in and of itself, but then Art’s final action to end the episode just compounded the confusion at the end.

Fortunately, there’s a short bit after the ending credits that says Hamatora is to be continued. Unfortunately, there’s been no word as to when a second season will air. While I’m grateful to know that more episodes will be coming so the series doesn’t end on such a cliffhanger, I wish I knew when I can expect to hopefully get some answers as to what exactly took place at the end of Episode 12.

Overall, I enjoyed Hamatora quite a bit, even with this season having a “WTF?” ending. It’s been my favorite of the six new shows I started during Winter 2014, and for the most part, I don’t see that any of the remaining three Winter 2014 series I have yet to complete will beat Hamatora out.

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