Wizard Barristers: Episode 11 – “Shining Cecil”

Wizard Barristers is set in 2018, where humans and wizards live together in Tokyo. While the police continue to protect the peace, wizards are tried according to magical law through Magic Prohibition Law. Wizards are taken to special courts, where they are defended by wizard barristers via the Court of Magic.

17-year-old Canadian-Japanese girl Cecil Sudo has become the youngest wizard barrister after passing the bar exam at 15. At the beginning of the series, she begins working for the Butterfly Law Offices.

Episode 11 opens with Shizumu and some SAT officers barging into Butterfly Law Offices and demanding that they surrender Cecil. While this is going on, Cecil, Hotaru, and Hachiya see the police at the firm. Hachiya tells Cecil and Hotaru to run. They meet up with Sasori, and the three of them decide they’ll go by train since the roads have checkpoints. Unfortunately, Shizumu and the police catch up to them, and a battle of magic breaks out. Shizumu is able to overwhelm them and takes Cecil into custody.

Meanwhile, Inspector Quinn is in the hospital, and her vital signs flatline. However, Moyo stops time and comes into the room to bring Quinn back to life. Moyo says it’s for Cecil and that Quinn should be grateful. After Moyo leaves, Quinn regains consciousness.

Macal begins the summoning ritual. Some members start falling like flies as magic circles begin appearing. A magic circle can also be seen in the sky by Wuds and humans alike. As this is going on, Moyo suddenly undergoes a change to start looking like a devil. During the ceremony, the beads in Cecil’s hair break, and she finds herself and Moyo in a space bathed in light. Moyo tells her to become one with her because she has no choice.

Cecil starts transforming to look like a devil, wings, tail, and all. When Makusu sees that Lucifer has taken over Cecil’s body, he demands that Lucifer give him his strength. Lucifer informs him that he already descended to this world six years ago, when Makusu used his summoning magic to bring the 11-year-old Cecil back to life. Under normal circumstances, Lucifer is supposed to give the summoner his power, but Lucifer would rather give the power to Cecil. Shizumu, racked with guilt over what he’s done, casts a spell which causes Cecil’s transformation to end. An explosion also happens.

When Cecil comes to, Shizumu is by her and apologizes for what he’s put her through. An enraged Makusu shoots and kills Shizumu. This is followed by Makusu and Cecil both summoning metamoloids, and an epic battle takes place.

It turns out that my suspicions about Moyo were correct; however, it turns out that it was a good thing that Cecil had become friends with her. Who knows how this might have turned out if they hadn’t.

In the end, I was a little disappointed that Shizumu was killed. Yes, he became rather obsessed with Cecil in order to help Macal’s cause, but after learning what would happen to her and actually seeing it happen, he had a change of heart. Shizumu was ultimately the one who saved Cecil from Macal, and he seemed to have some very genuine remorse right before he was killed.

Some more information regarding the incident six years ago is also revealed in this episode, and it looks like Cecil may have finally found a way to get a retrial for her mother. Unfortunately, something happens right at the end of episode 11 that’s a kick in the gut for both Cecil and the audience

Episode 11 ended up being a rather exciting episode. While I had predicted Moyo’s role before seeing it, a lot took place in this episode that I never predicted. And I felt horrible for Cecil after the episode was over, because Makusu has done something that’s going to cause Cecil a lot of grief in Episode 12.

I’m really looking forward to watching Episode 12 in order to find out how Wizard Barristers will be brought to an end.

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