Episode 25 opens with Shiroe, Michitaka, and Crusty approaching Princess Lenessia and Lord Malves. Over the course of this scene, the three of them are able to call Malves’ bluff on the cargo that he supposedly had. I really enjoyed seeing Malves getting knocked off his high horse and that evil smile of his disappear.

Later, Shiroe goes to see someone named Ooshima. However, instead of finding who he’s looking for, he comes across a woman who claims to be Dariella, one of the People of the Land who is a traveling author. Shiroe sees through the disguise and deduces that this is actually Nureha. She is the leader of the Plant Hwyaden guild in Minami and is essentially the leader in the west. Nureha tells Shiroe some things, but he figures out that she’s lying. After she tells another story about herself, she is the one who declares that she is lying. She finally tells Shiroe that she wants him to work for her, and that he has no reason to fight for Akihabara. When Shiroe thinks about the members of Log Horizon, he tells her she’s wrong and that he won’t go with her. Nureha makes it clear that she still wants Shiroe, and before she leaves, she declares that someday Shiroe will be hers.

The Scale Festival wraps up, and the members of Log Horizon wonder what will be next. Shiroe tells them that their next goal is to change the world. And after the ending credits, we see Shiroe meeting with Regan and saying that he’s decided to leave Akihabara. Regan asks if he can accompany Shiroe.

Episode 25 does a fantastic job of not only wrapping up the first season, it also firmly establishes the beginning of the second season, which will begin in Fall 2014. After meeting Nureha and seeing how she acted during the scene she was in, I feel safe in saying that she will be one of the antagonists in the second season.

With all of the references to the west over the past couple of episodes, in addition to the fact that Shiroe has declared that he is leaving Akihabara, I’m guessing that the second season will see Shiroe and his guild heading to the west and the adventures they have on their journey.

Overall, this season of Log Horizon has been quite a journey. I have to admit that it was a little rough right at the very beginning, but after the characters, concepts, and their world were firmly established in the series, I really came to love the characters and I started looking forward to watching the show week after week.

I still can’t believe that this season of Log Horizon has actually ended; it’s become such a fixture to my Saturday schedule. At least I can console myself with the fact that a second season will be coming in about six months.

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