Isoshima awakens and finds that she has transformed into Takeshi, but she has no idea how she did it. Gekkou comes in, and she transforms back into herself shortly after. When Gekkou says he loves Isoshima, she retorts the he doesn’t love her. He’s only interested in taking things from Takeshi to make himself feel superior. When she also mentions that he took Twilight, he becomes angry and lashes out. Isoshima manages to escape, and Gekkou chases her.

Isoshima runs into Oigami, and she learns from him that she’s in the Trailers’ headquarters. After explaining that Gekkou is chasing her, Oigami takes her to his room to hide from him. Hotaru bursts into Oigami’s room, and after she learns what’s going on, both Hotaru and Oigami agree to help Isoshima escape so she can return to Takeshi.

As they take her through the headquarters, they explain that the locations of the rooms change by the hour. When I heard this, I couldn’t help but think of the moving staircases in Harry Potter. They are almost caught by Gekkou at one point, but Hotaru is able to activate Isoshima’s new power so Isoshima can disguise as her as Hotaru lures Gekkou away. Oigami continues to lead Isoshima, now disguised as Hotaru, through the headquarters. Unfortunately, Washizu has to call Oigami away, so Isoshima is left alone. She runs for a while, until she returns to her normal self. She is found by Kazuma and is taken somewhere else by him through the use of his magic.

Meanwhile, Takeshi is training with his mother, and she teaches him how to use an incantation to shorten the time it takes to cast a spell and to make his magic stronger. After he masters it, she suddenly collapses. His mother begins trying to explain the accident that took place when he was younger, but he says she can tell him later. A couple of scenes later, Takeshi narrates, “in the end, I never found out what my mother had started to tell me, but I made a lot of progress in my Evasive Magic and incantations.” From his narration, I have to assume that Takeshi’s mother had been training Takeshi so much that the ring she was given to unlock her magic drained enough of her life force to either kill her or put her into a coma.

Then, Takeshi is ready to try to rescue Isoshima. He is joined by Mui and Ida, and the three of them use the button that Oigami had given Isoshima earlier, which allows them to go directly to the Trailers’ headquarters. The three of them encounter Oigami and Hotaru, and a magic battle begins.

One of the biggest things I noticed was the fact that there were at least three times in the episode where Takeshi provides a brief narration of plot points so the story can continue. However, these narration bits could have just as easily been shown to the viewer as part of the story. This is usually a sign that the writer is having to rush the story along because they’re running out of time in the series. I know I said it in last week’s writeup, but I’ll say it again here: Magical Warfare probably would have been a stronger series if it had been scheduled for more than 12 episodes from the beginning. If there had been more episodes scheduled, then they could have slowed down the second half of the series, as well as had the opportunity to develop the antagonists earlier in the series.

I have to admit that I’m also a little baffled by the episode’s title. The only reference to Pendragon was the fact that the Trailers’ headquarters used to belong to Pendragon. Other than that, there was nothing in the episode to indicate why this would be called “The Battle of Pendragon.”

With only one episode remaining for the series, I expect that it’s going to be a rushed ending. At this point, Takeshi needs to save Isoshima, Gekkou needs to be defeated, the Trailers need to be defeated, and Ida needs to get his little sister back. It’s really too much to try to squeeze into one episode, but it appears that’s what’s going to happen. It’ll be interesting to see how Magical Warfare will ultimately come to an end.

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