Tokyo Ravens: Episode 23 – “to the DarkSky -Onmyo-“

Tokyo Ravens is an anime that follows a young man named Harutora Tsuchimikado. He was born into an onmyo family, but he had no power whatsoever. He is a member of the Tsuchimikado branch family, and the branch family is expected to serve the members of the main family. At the end of episode two, Harutora officially became the familiar for Natsume, his cousin from the main family who is believed to be the reincarnation of their ancestor, Yakou Tsuchimikado.

In episode four, Harutora and his friend Touji relocate to Tokyo to attend the Onmyo Preparatory School in order to be near Natsume. At school, Natsume has to pose as a boy, and she ends up getting a bit of unwanted attention due to the belief that she is the reincarnation of Yakou. However, her secret was revealed to several students in episode 17, and the news spread through the student body.

The episode opens with Suzu approaching Tenma and telling him that he has to be the one to get into the Onmyo Agency and take out the “cornerstone” of the whole plan, since he’s the only one not on the agency’s radar due to not having any exceptional power. Then there’s some time spent on following Tenma as he sneaks into the Onmyo Agency. While he’s in the middle of the operation, he realizes how the invisibility spell really works and how his lack of special abilities work in his favor to make this spell work for him. He eventually makes it to where the Raven Coat is and frees it; when it’s freed, it picks Tenma up by the talons and flies away with him.

While Tenma is doing this, the confrontations between characters continue to take place: Doman and Miyachi battle outside, while Jin and Reiji battle inside. The battle between Jin and Reiji is actually a rather epic one, unlike Doman and Miyachi’s battle.

Touji, with the help of Suzuka, is able to rescue Harutora from Kurahashi and Yashamaru. Unfortunately, Yashamaru catches up to them when they join up with Suzuka and Kyoko. As Yashamaru talks to them, the Raven Coat suddenly breaks through a window while carrying Tenma. When Yashamaru tries to attack the Raven Coat, a spell by Yasuzumi activates that prevents him from doing anything.

Tenma explains what he learned from Suzu, and passes on some messages from her to Harutora. When Harutora announces that he plans to perform the Taizan Fuku Ritual with Suzu’s help in order to bring Natsume back, he is interrupted by the arrival of both Zenjiro and Jin. Zenjiro tries to stop Harutora from going through with his plan. Kyoko, who’s been having strange visions and pain in her head, suddenly collapses. Something happens, which not only gives Harutora the encouragement he needs to go through with his plan, it distracts Zenjiro enough to allow Harutora and several members of their group to escape.

This episode of Tokyo Ravens was even more intense than Episode 22 was! A lot of intense action takes place, and some information is also revealed. My favorite parts of this episode were seeing Tenma successfully sneaking into the Onmyo Agency to free the Raven Coat and the magic battle between Jin and Reiji. I really liked getting to see more character development for Tenma, as well as getting to see him get to play a major role in a storyline. If it wasn’t for Tenma sneaking in and releasing the Raven Coat, the story could have turned out a lot differently. And the battle between Jin and Reiji was not only intense, it was also visually interesting.

My least favorite part of the episode was Kyoko discovering her new power near the end of the episode. While there had been hints thrown in about it for a couple of episodes, it still ended up feeling like a “deus ex machina” when the power was finally awakened. To me, it felt like the writers couldn’t figure out how to progress the story without this new power awakening at just the right time so Harutora could be given the final push he needed to go through with his plan to bring Natsume back.

Since the next episode is the final episode of Tokyo Ravens, I feel pretty safe in saying that it will have to cover Harutora and friends rescuing Natsume’s body from the enemy and then performing the Taizan Fuku Ritual in order to bring her back to life. I’ll be interested in seeing exactly how these plot points are executed in Episode 24 and to see how the series will ultimately come to an end.

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