Digital Manga Inc.’s manager Yoko Taniguchi announced on Twitter that the company has licensed Enokids’ Kotoura-san and Yoshino Koyoka’s Aria the Scarlet Ammo manga.

Kotoura-san follows Haruka Kotoura, a girl who suffered during her childhood because of her ability to read minds. When she starts high school she meets Manabe, her classmate who often thinks about erotic things, and joins a club of people who are not afraid of her ability. Her gloomy life starts to become enjoyable.

The story of Aria the Scarlet Ammo takes place in Tokyo Butei High School, a special school where armed detectives — “Butei” — are trained to use weapons. Kinji Tōyama is a second-year-student who has a special ability, but he keeps it a secret to maintain an ordinary, peaceful life. However, when he gets caught in a bombing on the way to school, he encounters H. Aria Kanzaki, the most powerful S-Rank Butei student in Assault Studies.

The first volumes of both of these series will be available digitally on eManga.

Source: ANN