The Best of Lost Universe [from TV] is a soundtrack CD released for the Lost Universe anime series. When you see the artwork on the front cover, it looks more like fan art than it does an actual image from the series. The quality of the art almost makes it look like a bootleg item, but it’s obvious by looking at the credits on the back that this is an official CD soundtrack release.

The Best of Lost Universe [from TV]
Publisher: AnimeTrax
Release Date: May 28, 2002

The liner notes for the soundtrack include the credits for the songs, as well as English translations for the lyrics. Unfortunately, the lyrics aren’t printed in the order that the songs appear on the CD, so you have to search through the liner notes to find where the right lyrics are for the song that you’re listening to.

There also seems to be no real rhyme or reason as to how the songs are sequenced on the CD. In some cases, the remix for a song will appear on the disc before the original version. For other songs, you get a remixed version on the CD, but the original version doesn’t appear anywhere on the release.

The CD opens with the song that appears in the closing credits, and is followed by the song for the show’s opening sequence. There are actually two different versions of “Again” (the closing song for Lost Universe), and each version has a different vocalist. I’ve watched the entirety of the Lost Universe anime series, and from what I could tell, none of the other songs actually appeared anywhere in the show.

Famous anime seiyuu Megumi Hayashibara provides vocals on “~infinity~” (the opening theme song for Lost Universe), “Extrication,” and “Going Beyond Time.” Kenji Soeda provides the vocals for “Again [PAROME Version]” (the closing song for Lost Universe), and Soichiro Hoshi provides the vocals for “Again [Once More Mix].” Other vocalists on the disc include Masami Suzuki, Hikaru Midorikawa, Mifuyu Hiragi, and Michiko Neya.

Sonically, the album sounds more electronic and techno than one would expect from an anime soundtrack, and this is due in large part to the remixes that appear on the disc. Personally, I thought this was a pretty good soundtrack, but I’m a little biased because I enjoy electronic music. However, this is a soundtrack that I can only truly recommend to fans of the Lost Universe anime or to fans of Megumi Hayashibara.

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