Wizard Barristers: Episode 10 – “Imposters”

Wizard Barristers is set in 2018, where humans and wizards live together in Tokyo. While the police continue to protect the peace, wizards are tried according to magical law through Magic Prohibition Law. Wizards are taken to special courts, where they are defended by wizard barristers via the Court of Magic.

17-year-old Canadian-Japanese girl Cecil Sudo has become the youngest wizard barrister after passing the bar exam at 15. At the beginning of the series, she begins working for the Butterfly Law Offices.

Episode 10 begins where episode nine left off, with Sameoka from Shark Knight leading Cecil through the streets and trying to keep Shizumu from catching up to them. At the end of the previous episode, Sameoka had told Cecil that she had actually died in the incident six years earlier; here, he explains that she was brought back by someone using summoning magic. Cecil frees herself from Sameoka’s grasp and asks him to show her something to prove that she can trust him. Unfortunately, Shizumu catches up and launches an attack with magic. Sameoka and Shizumu get into a magic battle, which is interrupted by Moyo arriving, causing commotion, and whisking Cecil off to safety.

Later, Butterfly Law Offices learn that Sameoka has been arrested and that they have been asked to represent him. They head off to interview him.

Shizumu tells Quinn to do a premise search at Shark Knight, because he claims that Sameoka is suspected of human trafficking. Quinn asks Shizumu what he’s plotting, because he’s been acting highly suspicious. He manages to placate her by saying that he’ll explain everything to her when it’s all over.

When Ageha and the others arrive to interview Sameoka, they’re told that they’re not allowed to see him. Quinn arrives and Ageha asks her what’s going on. Quinn says she doesn’t know, but that she’ll look into it and handle it accordingly. Quinn then asks where Cecil is, because she’s been missing since this morning.

Cecil has a talk with Moyo about what she’s learned and the confusion she’s been in. Moyo gets a call from Butterfly, and the two of them head to the office. While this is going on, Shizumu, Quinn and their squad go to Shark Knight for the premise search. Kujira makes an escape, with Shizumu pursuing him and shooting at him; fortunately, the bullet just grazes Kujira’s arm. Quinn comes over and punches Shizumu in the face. The two get into an argument, and Shizumu reveals he’s a Wud and does something to Quinn…

Cecil is contacted by Kujira, and the two meet secretly. It’s at this point that both she and the audience learn the truth about Shark Knight and about Cecil herself…

This episode was packed with a lot of information and action. Shizumu is getting frantic, because time is running out for him to get Cecil and bring her to Macal. However, he also becomes tormented when he learns what will happen to Cecil after she is used as the catalyst. We also learn that the judge, prosecutor, and wizard barrister involved in Cecil’s mother’s trial six years earlier have deeper connections to Macal than it seemed.

Cecil also finally admits to everyone at the Butterfly Law Offices about her mother. Fortunately, the others are there to support her and say they’re there to help her out.

For a little while now, I’ve also been a little suspicious of Moyo. And after something Kujira says to Cecil about Moyo, I’m very suspicious of her and her motives.

There was a lot of information coming out and action taking place during this episode, and it really kept me riveted and interested in the story. I definitely want to see episode 11 in order to find out how the series will continue on from this point. There’s so many different directions it could go in, and I really have no idea what to predict!

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