Noragami: Episode 11 – “Abandoned God”

Noragami is about a minor god named Yato, who doesn’t have a single shrine. One day, he spray paints on a wall that he will help people in exchange for a 5-yen offering; he’s trying to save up money in order to build his own shrine. One day, while he’s doing a job, a girl named Hiyori pushes him out of the way of a bus. She is hit by the bus, and now Hiyori is a living Phantom. She’s still alive, but her spirit has a tendency to separate itself from her body at unexpected times. At the end of episode two, Yato gets a new Regalia named Yukine.

Hiyori has lost all of her memories of Yato, but remembers everyone else. Yato decides to take it upon himself to try to jog Hiyori’s memory. Yato takes her to where he and Hiyori had saved the cat named Milord. At first, nothing clicks with her. After he draws a picture of the cat, Hiyori remembers the cat but nothing about the two of them rescuing the cat. After seeing that Hiyori at least had the breakthrough about remembering the cat, Yato decides he’s going to create a picture show to try to jog her memory about him.

Later, Nora approaches Yato and Yukine, and Rabo reveals not only his existence but the fact that Nora is serving as his Regalia. Yato recognizes Rabo, and the two of them get into a fight. Rabo brings the fight to an end and comments that Yato is not using the extent of his powers; at the same time, Yato notices the damage that Yukine has taken during the battle. Nora returns to her normal form and says she will give Hiyori her memory back if Yato is able to beat Rabo.

Kazuma visits with Yukine, Kofuku, and Daikoku, and he reveals the backstory and history that Rabo and Yato share. At the same time, Yato visits with Tenjin, who says that perhaps Hiyori losing her memory of Yato is for the best, because it could mean that she might stop changing into a half-Phantom. At this point, Yato appears to decide to give up on recovering Hiyori’s memory.

Yukine, meanwhile, finds the picture show that Yato had been working on. Yukine takes it upon himself to show it to Hiyori. However, after seeing the picture show, something unexpected happens to Hiyori and sets the stage for the remainder of the episode…

This episode really raises the stakes for Yato and Yukine, and the tone of the episode makes it clear that the series is just about over.

What I find interesting, though, is the fact that Rabo is a character who is exclusive to the anime, which means that at some point in here, the original story from the manga had to be changed in order to incorporate Rabo in and make him so integral. But since I haven’t read the manga, I have no idea what changes have been made.

From what’s been presented in the anime, though, Noragami has been an overall interesting story. I know there were a couple of episodes in there that I didn’t like as
much, but fortunately, the quality that I had liked early on in the series returned.

I’m really looking forward to watching episode 12 in order to see how Noragami will come to an end.

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