Review: Weekly Shonen Jump (March 17, 2014)

Sorry I’m running so late on this write-up, but it’s been an incredibly hectic and busy week for my family. I finally found some time to sit down and read through Volume 111 of Weekly Shonen Jump and get this write-up done. This issue includes chapters for One Piece, Naruto, Stealth Symphony, Toriko, Seraph of the End, Nisekoi, World Trigger, All You Need Is Kill, and Bleach.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

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One Piece CH:741

In the previous chapter, Luffy and Violet try to get out of a collapsing tower; later, Luffy, Violet, and the one-legged toy go to the suit chamber in the palace. Zoro, meanwhile, is in a middle of a fight in the tower. Robin is also turned into a toy. In this chapter, Usopp is trying to get away. Meanwhile, the toys keep saying that Usoland (aka Usopp) will save them. Usopp hears what they’re saying, but he tries to ignore what he’s hearing. However, he runs over to the toys and admits to all the lies that he’s told. But after his admission, he does something surprising…

The majority of this chapter focuses on Usopp, and how it appears that he’s running away again. However, the actions that he takes at the end of the chapter are a little on the surprising side for Usopp. Right at the end of the chapter, the reader is introduced to Kyros, a fighter in the coliseum. A brief backstory is given before the end. I suspect that Kyros will probably play a major part in the next chapter. I also hope the next chapter will also show what happens in the wake of Usopp’s unexpected actions. It should be noted that One Piece will taking a week off and will be returning in the March 31, 2014 issue of the magazine.

Naruto CH:668

In the previous chapter, Kabuto helped Sasuke. Meanwhile, Kakashi, Guy, Gaara, and Minato are up against Madara, and Guy opens the Seventh Gate; unfortunately, that still wasn’t enough to defeat Madara. This chapter opens with a flashback to Guy’s childhood training with his father. This is followed by a flashback when Guy is a little older and is fighting the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist alongside his father. Guy launches his attack against Madara by opening the Eighth Gate…

I really enjoyed seeing the flashbacks to Guy’s youth and getting to see his father. After seeing his father, it’s no wonder Guy turned out the way he did. The chapter ends with Guy just starting to launch his attack. With the way this chapter was done, I have a very bad feeling about what’s going to happen to Guy. I really hope I’m wrong, but if my suspicions are proven to be correct in the forthcoming chapters, I think I’m going to cry…

Stealth Symphony CH:004

In the previous chapter, Jig learned more about how the assassins work in the city. At the beginning of this chapter, we learn it’s been three days since Jig arrived in the city. Jig also gets to meet Emeth, a golem that fused with the V&V building and controls things such as the ventilation. Between Emeth, Troma, and the president of V&V, a bit of background is given on the various creatures that inhabit the city. But it turns out the president isn’t there to chit-chat; he has business with Jig because he wants to show the boy the various dragon heirlooms that V&V has. Unfortunately, the president doesn’t understand the heirloom he demonstrates and creates a ruckus in the office. After seeing how the employees handle the situation, Jig realizes why he was rejected for employment there. Right at the very end, we see someone watching Jig from the shadows…

For the most part, this chapter focused a lot more on exposition than it did on action. But when you consider how early on in the series we still are, it makes sense to have a chapter that focuses on explaining some of the concepts in the series. There’s some action right near the end of the chapter, and a hint as to what may be coming up in Chapter Five. I’m still enjoying Stealth Symphony, and I’m looking forward to reading more.

Toriko CH:270

The previous chapter began a new story arc, which sees Toriko and some of the chefs returning to the Gourmey World. They have gone to Biotope 1, where they try to enter a building that kind of looks like a tree. After they make it inside, they start exploring their surroundings. However, they discover they can’t get to the first floor inside the building. They find a well that has steps leading down, so they go down the steps. They find an underground bathhouse, and one of the chefs investigates a pond that’s in the room. They find themselves outside of the building again, and one of the chefs finds a first-floor window that opens normally. They enter and find a bird-like creature sitting in a rocking chair. It turns out that the creature is Chichi the Flavor Hermit.

This chapter basically focused on how many weird things can they manage to do before actually finding the occupant of the building. They find Chichi right at the end and learn his identity, so I’m guessing that this is setting up what’s going to happen in Chapter 271. I should mention that there’s a note at the end of the chapter that says that Toriko will be off next week.

Seraph of the End CH:013

In the previous chapter, Yuichiro undergoes some training that requires taking a pill to help increase the synchronization rate with his demon. The order is given for Yuichi and the others to take their supplement as they go to serve as reinforcements for Lt. Colonel Guren. As Yuichi arrives at the battlefield, it appears that Mika recognizes him. Yuichi also recognizes her, and is unable to kill her; he is scolded by Lt. Colonel Guren for not doing his job. Mika declares that Yuichi is being used by the humans and vows to save him. The Seventh Progenitor says he can turn Yuichi into a vampire, but Mika declares that if the Seventh Progenitor lays a hand on Yuichi, Mika will kill him. They are joined by another noble named Crowley. Lt. Colonel Guren says that taking out the leader took too long, and now they must abandon Shinjuku; he orders his group to retreat. They are attacked as they try to flee. Mika grabs Yuichi and tries to flee with him. Yuichi sees his comrades having their blood sucked by vampires, and he suddenly sees Asuramaru, a demon who possesses Yuichi. The part of Yu that isn’t human starts to run wild…

I have to admit that I’m still a little lost here, since I only started this series at Chapter 12. In this chapter, I learned about Asuramaru and the fact she’s a demon possessing him. Unlike Chapter 12, Chapter 13 relies more on information and knowledge that was presented prior to Chapter 12. There’s an interesting concept here, and hopefully this series will become a little easier to follow the more I read of it.

Nisekoi CH:114

In the previous chapter, Ruri was told her 100-year-old great-grandfather may not be around much longer, and he wishes to see her with her boyfriend before he dies. To appease him, she has Raku pose as her boyfriend and they visit her great-grandfather together. Ruri believes her great-grandfather is faking his poor health, but the maid tells Ruri that he’s telling the truth. Later, Raku asks Ruri if there’s anything she wants to do for her great-grandfather and says he’s there to help if she needs it. When Ruri asks her great-grandfather what he wants to do, he has them go fishing and have a picnic. That evening, Ruri’s grandfather asks her to play videogames with him. While they play, she asks why he insisted on meeting her boyfriend; he says it’s because he probably won’t get to see her wedding. Right at the end of the chapter, Ruri wonders what she can do for her great-grandfather, and an idea comes to her right before the “To Be Continued” line comes up.

This was a vert strong continuation of the story arc that began in Chapter 113. I’m glad to see an actual story arc going on right now, because I jumped in at a point where the first two chapters were stand-alone stories that really didn’t do much for me. I don’t know if this story arc with Ruri is more typical of Nisekoi or not, but I hope it is. I’m curious to see what kind of idea Ruri came up with, and I have a strong feeling that we’ll learn what that is in Chapter 115.

World Trigger CH:052

In the previous chapter, Kitora had to fight against an enemy, but had to make a sacrifice in order to win. In Chapter 52, the Neighbors start going after the C-Rank trainees, and one grabs Kitora and eats her. Chika is frozen in place in fear, but someone comes to try to save her; unfortunately, Chika’s recuer is grabbed by a Neighbor. After a quick flashback, Chika grabs a weapon in order to try to save her rescuer from the Neighbor. Osamu is then able to take down the Neighbor. At the end of the chapter, Osamu makes contact with headquarters, he’s told that Border’s most powerful squad is headed their way.

This chapter continues that action that began in Chapter 51. From all appearances, it seems that the character of Kitora is now gone. I also got to see in this chapter that Chika can be rather unsure of herself, and that it takes something pretty drastic for her to jump into the action. Osamu wasn’t a major part of this chapter, but he did make some appearances. World Trigger does have an interesting concept behind it, and I think I’ll like it even better than I do right now after I get a chance to learn more about the various characters.

All You Need Is Kill CH:008

In the previous chapter, Keiji comes to the realization that he can’t love anyone right now, even though he’s starting to feel something for Rita. Keiji was susprised as the end of the chapter when Rita asked if how many loops it’s been for him. Chapter 8 begins with a flashback, which I assume is Rita’s. It’s interesting to note that whenever the girl’s name is mentioned in the flashback, it’s blacked out. We see the Mimics attack her small town out in the middle of nowhere. At the end of the attack, the girl becomes an orphan and was taken in by a distant relative. We learn that Rita isn’t her real name, that she committed identity theft so she could join the United Defense Force three years earlier than she was allowed to.

I thought this was a great backstory chapter for Rita, and it explains how she actually has a different identity. We learn why she’s so determined to kill every Mimic on the planet, and how she experienced her first time loop six months after entering the force. I suspect that Chapter Nine will see us return to the main storyline, and if it does, it’ll be interesting to see how Keiji reacts the question Rita posed at the end of Chapter 7. As I’m reading more of All You Need Is Kill, I’m coming to enjoy more than I did after reading it for the first time a few issues back.

Bleach CH:572

In the previous chapter, Assistant Captain Kusajishi was fighting against “V,” and it’s revealed that she’s fighting against him by instinct and manages to catch “V” by surprise. Kusajishi manages to get a crack into “V”‘s face. The audience sees “V” communicating with someone, who says that “V” is a product of their imagination. We see this person has appeared in the room and “V” is destroyed because the person can’t imagine their future anymore. As they interact with the guy, they learn that everything he imagines becomes reality. Right at the end of the chapter, someone makes a surprise appearance…

This chapter picked the action back up, and also introduced a new element in the form of the mysterious guy whose imagination becomes reality. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll be able to fight against a foe who seems to have such an invincible ability.

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