While on the boat, Yukina and Kanon both sense an overwhelming presence. They both encounter Kou Amatsuka, and Kanon recognizes him as the man who attacked the monastery five years earlier. Both Kanon and Yukina try to flee from Kou.

Meanwhile, Nina and Kojou are at the remains of the monastery. Nina takes the Hard Core out of Asagi and begins gathering the fragments that are nearby to reform her body. She forms herself into Asagi’s likeness, but with one major difference. Natsuki finds them and tells them about Kou going after the boat to look for a spirit medium he can use as an offering. Kojou is concerned, since Yukina doesn’t have Schneesturm Wolfin with her. Natsuki says she has arranged for transportation.

Natsuki teleports Kojou, Nina, and herself to a location where an airship is waiting. It turns out to be a prototype airship of the kingdom of Aldeigia that La Folia is letting them use. Before they go, Yukina’s teacher’s familiar and Sayaka appear to give Kojou the Schneesturm Wolfin so he can take it to Yukina.

When Kou corners Kanon, she ends up getting clues out of him that he isn’t human. Just as Kou is about to attack in frustration, Yukina is able to intervene. However, when it seems like Yukina has no way to defeat Kou, Kojou arrives to help out. Unfortunately, the Wiseman ends up being resurrected, and Kojou tries to do something in order to protect the others. When a mist clears, Yukina sees that Kojou is encased in liquid metal. All hope seems lost, but then something happens to help Kojou be able to save the day.

During this episode, Kojou is able to awaken and control another Familiar, and so far, this one appears to be the strongest one that he has in his arsenal. It ended up being a pretty good match for the big yellow blob that was the resurrection of the Wiseman. And I can’t forget to mention that the big yellow blob can also shoot a laser out of its mouth.

I also noticed a couple of things in the animation for this episode. For one thing, there were several shots on the deck of the boat where they were obviously a little out of focus and had a blurry look to them. Also, there were at least two shots I saw that were “off model.” There was even one close up shot of Yukina where it not only looked a little blurry, but it was also obviously off model. I really had the feeling as I watched this episode that more of a rush job was being done for this episode than usual.

Well, it turns out that the story arc concludes in this episode. I thought the conclusion of the arc was rather satisfactory. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Asagi’s reaction to waking up in the middle of the rubble of the monastery.

The preview for the next episode shows that it’s going to have more than one part, so it appears that the final two episodes will comprise a short story arc to conclude the series. Strike the Blood has been an interesting ride, and I’m curious to see how the series will come to an end.

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