Masayoshi encounters a middle school boy named Haiji Sawada, who declares that he is Samurai Flamenco’s final enemy. Over the course of the episode, events happen that Masayoshi attributes to Haiji: Masayoshi’s home exploding, Flamen Blue’s home being vandalized, Flamen Black’s grandfather being attacked, Flamen Green’s books being destroyed, Flamen Pink’s hair getting cut off while she’s walking down the street, Harazuka being pushed down a flight of stairs, and Joji being hit by a truck. However, the police say that they’ve learned that Haiji died about a year ago from an illness, and that his parents moved out of town after his death. Even after learning this, Masayoshi still receives calls from Haiji.

Later, when Hidenori returns home from his trip, Masayoshi goes to see him. After explaining things, Hidenori tells Masayoshi that he’s probably tired and is losing his mind. Masayoshi argues that he’s telling the truth. When Hidenori says again that his mind may be playing tricks on him, Masayoshi brings up what he learned about Hidenori’s girlfriend. The two end up in a scuffle, which ends with Hidenori telling Masayoshi to leave and to never show his face in front of him again.

Episode 20 is quite a trip. Masayoshi, along with the audience, is taken on a head trip. Is Haiji real and the one doing all these things? Is Haiji a figment of Masayoshi’s imagination, and if he is, then who’s doing all these things? Is Masayoshi having some kind of a weird dream? Did the universe’s will lie when it said that there was now peace? Or is there some other theory I haven’t even thought of yet?

My head is still swimming after watching this episode. So much happens, but very little is answered to explain what’s going on. And now having Masayoshi questioning whether or not Haiji may be something he created adds another twist to a plot that’s had so many twists and turns thrown into it. I’m really looking forward to watching Episode 21 in the hopes of getting some answers or seeing what new twists and turns may be added to the plot next.

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