Nagi no Asukara: Episode 23 – “Who Do These Feelings Belong To?”

Nagi no Asukara is set in a world where long ago, human civilization lived on the ocean floor. However, there were humans who wanted to live above the surface and moved to land, and this created a separation between the humans. The series started out by focusing on four middle school students who live in the ocean named Hikari, Manaka, Chisaki, and Kaname. Because their middle school shut down, they had attend a school on land. During the first episode, Manaka met Tsumugu, one of their new classmates. He’s from a family of fishermen and has an interest in the underwater village. At the beginning of episode 14, five years have passed and a lot of things have changed.

A lot of this episode focuses on Hikari and his wish to find a way for Manaka to have the ability to love someone again. At one point, Hikari talks with everyone except Manaka, and they seem to be split into two factions. Hikari, Miuna, and Sayu believe that something needs to be done to help Manaka. Tsumugu, Kaname, and Chisaki believe there’s nothing they can really do. This causes Sayu to yell at Kaname, and she leaves in a huff. Miuna and Hikari go after her.

Later, when Manaka meets up with Hikari, Miuna, and Sayu, Manaka sees something shiny in the water. Manaka points it out, and Hikari goes after it. It’s a white rock spit up by a red-bellied sea slug. The white rock means the wish of the person who talked to it will come true. Manaka remembers talking to a red-bellied sea slug, but doesn’t remember what she said. Hikari believes this is Manaka’s rock, and he gives it to her and tells her to take care of it. Later, Miuna affixes it to a pendant so Manaka won’t lose it.

Hikari believes that Manaka was in love with Tsumugu before the Ofunehiki, so he goes to talk to Tsumugu. He believes that if Tsumugu stimulates Manaka’s feelings that her ability to love someone will return. Tsumugu refuses, saying there’s no proof that Manaka is in love with him and that people’s feelings shouldn’t be messed with. Hikari starts trying to fight Tsumugu, and Chisaki sees what’s going on. When Tsumugu tells Hikari that he won’t do it because he’s in love with Chisaki, she overhears him. Chisaki runs off and jumps into the sea, and Tsumugu jumps in after her. Something surprising happens while Tsumugu is in the water…

Emotions ride very high through episode 23. In addition, some movement is being made in regards to some of the potential relationships in the series. The most obvious is Chisaki learning about Tsumugu’s feelings for her and panicking. I have to admit that when Tsumugu made his declaration, I found myself thinking, “Finally!” OK, this wasn’t the best way to Chisaki to find out, but at least his feelings are out in the open now.

Also in this episode, Sayu declares to Miyu that she’s going to ask Kaname out; she says she doesn’t care how it turns out, as long as she can come to terms with it. With this declaration, I expect to see Sayu taking action on this declaration at some point within the next couple of episodes.

I was just so riveted as I watched this episode, and I was sad when it came to an end. And from what’s seen in the preview for episode 24, it looks emotions are going ride even higher than they did in this episode, so I’m really looking forward to seeing it in order to find out how this story will be progressing!

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One comment

  1. John Samuel · March 20, 2014

    You’re about the third person I know of (including me) whose reaction to this episode was “FINALLY!”

    Three episodes left and it’s getting intense…

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