D-Frag!: Episode 10 – “Tama-senpai, Long Time No See”

D-Frag! is about a boy named Kenji Kazama, a delinquent at Fujou Academy. During the first episode, he and his friends Yokoshima and Nagayama encounter the school’s Game Creation Club when they see smoke coming out of their clubroom. After putting out the fire, the three club members (Roka, Chitose, and Sakura) start using their “battle types” to fight against them. By the end of episode one, Roka and the rest of the club get Kenji to agree to become a member of their club; the club needs one more member in order to keep from being closed down.

Episode 10 sees Kenji, Roka, Chitose, Sakura, and Takao playing a game of poker in the clubroom. Kenji thinks he’s won the game with a straight flush, but everyone else shows they have a flush featuring picture cards of various characters from the Scramble for Porn Mags in Space game. I guess this was supposed to be funny, but I find it very unlikely that Kenji is the only one who would’ve gotten cards with numbers and everyone else getting not only character cards, but cards of all of the same character. Yes, I know D-Frag! is a comedy, but this was just a little too difficult for me to swallow.

Since Kenji is the loser, he’s sent out to buy drinks for everyone else. As he’s heading down the hall, he is kidnapped by a girl we only saw briefly at the end of episode nine. Ataru receives a text message from the girl, saying she has Kenji in her classroom and that Chitose has to come see her if they want to see Kenji again.

As Chitose, Roka, Sakura, Takao, Ataru, and Hachi go to rescue Kenji, the audience learns more about who has kidnapped him. It turns out that the girl who took him is Tama, a third year student at the school. Tama, along with three other third years, have a chip on their shoulder when it comes to Chitose.

Shinsen, one of third year girls, is nicknamed “Barfy” due to her tendency to throw up what looks like sparkles and rainbows. She hides inside Isle, the robot owned by the Science Club; Isle is operated by Tennouzu, the president of the Science Club. Chitose and the others get into a fight with Isle.

When they finally make it to Tama’s classroom, we learn the reason why Tama decided to go after Chitose at this point in time; all I can say here is that the reason is rather lame. Near the end of the episode, when Tama declares she’ll use her powers as the ex-Student Body president to shut down the Game Creation Club (Provisional), Kenji challenges Tama and her group to a game, with the club being the collateral. The stage is set for the decisive game to take place in episode 11.

This episode introduces four new characters, with the focus primarily being put on Tama and Shinsen. The other two, Matsubara and Naganuma, tend to be more background characters than anything else. Tama comes across as a psychopath, and Shinsen is an obnoxious loudmouth who also barfs up rainbows. At this point in the series, it seems kind of odd to introduce this many characters. I know I’ll never remember all of their names before the series ends.

It was a little frustrating to have a plot that included Kenji being kidnapped again. Couldn’t there have been some other way to introduce Tama and her group to the series without resorting to recycling an already used plot idea?

At this point, I keep telling myself, “There’s only two more episodes… there’s only two more episodes…” I swear, this is the first simulcast that I can think of where the ending can’t come soon enough. It’s gotten to the point where I really don’t care anymore, and I’m simply finishing out the season in order to get these write-ups done for my blog.

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