The beginning of the episode shows the viewer what exactly happened at Cecil’s mother’s trial six years earlier. By getting to see this and getting to hear some more information that was revealed, it explains something Cecil said in regards to a now former friend that was in a photograph that appeared in Episode Eight. After seeing this, I was like, “It’s no wonder that Cecil and that boy are now former friends.”

Throughout this episode, Cecil is trying to find anything that could help change the outcome of her mother’s trial. She tries contacting the Wizard Barrister and the prosecutor in the case, but isn’t able to get anywhere. She’s able to reach the judge in the case, but does so by using Moyo’s name. Unfortunately for Cecil, the meeting with the judge ends rather badly. Cecil then reaches out to Inspector Shimuzu, and he says he’ll try to check out the investigation files.

Meanwhile, Cecil’s colleagues at the Butterfly Law Offices talk about what happened to them in Boston. Through an investigation, it was revealed that Diana had stolen the identity of someone who was already deceased. The only clue they have is “Macal,” which Diana mentioned in Episode Eight. When the conversation turns to trying to find out whether or not the Grimoire 365 really exists, they are all told not to act on their own since they don’t know who they’re dealing with.

Cecil gets a call from Inspector Shimuzu, saying he’s gotten the investigation files and wants to meet with her. At their designated meeting place, Cecil gets a surprise.

First off, I liked seeing Hotaru standing up for Cecil when she comes late for a meeting. The shocked expressions on her colleagues’ faces were priceless! Hotaru claims that she’s not defending Cecil, she just thought that this should be dealt with a little more rationally. Later, we see Hotaru talking with Ageha. She says she has no intention of pitying Cecil, but she’d like to help her in any way that she can. I do like seeing this character progression for Hotaru. Yes, she can still be a little defensive at times, but she’s really dialed back the bitchiness factor considerably.

The last few minutes of Episode Nine are rather intense, and it looks like Cecil may finally get the information she needs to piece everything together. With how this episode ends, it looks like Episode 10 will finally reveal information for both Cecil and the audience. If I have to predict, I have a feeling that after Cecil learns the truth she’ll have to decide how she wants to act in regards to what she learns and what any consequences of her actions are. Considering how reckless Cecil can be at times, the consequences of any actions she takes could be rather major.

I can’t believe that Wizard Barristers is getting closer to reaching its conclusion. Even with the occasional “fanservice” elements, I’m enjoying the series quite a bit. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode 10 to find out what exactly will be happening.

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