Anime DVD Review: Last Exile: Sealed Move

Last Exile: Sealed Move is a DVD with the final three episodes of the Last Exile television anime series that was released by Geneon in 2004.

Last Exile: Sealed Move
English Publisher: Geneon
Format: DVD
Release Date: December 14, 2004

At the beginning of the set, a portion of the Guild fortress and falls away from the Grand Stream into Anatoray. Claus, Alvis, and Dio escape in a vanship and they go to Norkia; Dio is left in the care of the Mad-thane residence. Claus and Alvis go to Claus’ ruined house, and they are able to make contact with Lavie and the Silvana with the device that Lucciola gave to Alvis. They are told to make a rendezvous at the Dragon’s Fangs.

The Anatoray and Disith alliance fleet launches a surprise attack on the Guild fleet and emerges victorious, and chasing the withdrawing Guild ships into the Grand Stream. Unfortunately, Exile indiscriminately attacks both the alliance and the Guild as they approach, causing the alliance fleet to fall back.

Claus and Alvis make the rendezvous at Dragon’s Fangs and makes a journey to the Grand Stream, reuniting with Lavie on the way. Together, they take a message tube that contains the final Mysterion; however, they are intercepted by Dio. Everything comes together to create the climax of the series.

Okay, I have to admit that as I was watching the episodes on this disc, I was feeling rather lost. The storytelling in these final three episodes feels rather choppy, and it made it hard to follow what exactly was going on.

The animation in these episodes takes a nosedive, especially the computer animation. While the CG in Last Exile was never terribly great, the CG in these episodes just looks rushed and sloppy in comparison to the CG animation that appeared earlier in the series.

Now that I’ve seen the entirety of Last Exile, I can say that while there was a very promising premise for the series, the execution didn’t allow for Last Exile to deliver on that promise. I would say that the episodes on the first four discs were rather solid, but by the end of the fifth volume, the writing and storytelling started falling apart.

When it comes to the DVD itself, the only bonus features included were the DVD Credits and previews for properties that Geneon was promoting at the time this DVD was released.

I’m glad that I was finally able to see Last Exile after hearing about it, but I was ultimately disappointed by how it turned out. I’m personally not in any hurry to add this series to my anime home video collection.

However, if you enjoy Last Exile, then you should add to your home video collection. Unfortunately, this DVD by Geneon is long out of print. However, FUNimation acquired the rights for the series after Geneon went out of business, and released a complete series box set for Last Exile in 2009. This box set might be worth tracking down if you want to own Last Exile on DVD.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of Last Exile: Sealed Move that I checked out through the King County Library System.

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