Review: Weekly Shonen Jump (March 10, 2014)

I’m finally caught up to the most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump! This issue includes chapters for World Trigger, One Piece, Nisekoi, Naruto, Stealth Symphony, Bleach, One-Punch Man, Toriko, and Blue Exorcist. This volume also opens with an interview Daisuke Ashihara. the mangaka for World Trigger to celebrate making it to 50 chapters of the series.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. For Blue Exorcist, I focus more on my initial impressions of the series. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

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One-on-One With Daisuke Ashihara

This is an interview that Weekly Shonen Jump editor Alexis Kirsch conducted with World Trigger creator Daisuke Ashihara at Jump Festa. I really enjoyed reading this interview, and it’s definitely worth the read if you’re a fan of World Trigger.

World Trigger CH:051

In the previous chapter, Osamu and his group head to where Chika is in order to save her. On the way, Osamu has a fight against one of the enemy and wins. Right after defeating the enemy, Osamu notices something unusual. It turns out it’s Kitora, a member of Arashiyama Squad, battling another enemy. At one point, the enemy goes after the civilians instead of going after her. Kitora faces off against the enemy again. She’s able to win, but she has to make a sacrifice in order to do it…

Chapter 51 was very action-packed, and there was a strong emphasis on Kitora. Kitora demonstrates that sometimes you have to do the unthinkable in order to try to save others. Right at the end, something happens that I believe will make up the foundation for what should happen in Chapter 52.

One Piece CH:740

In the previous chapter, there was a bit of information given out in regards to the one-legged toy that’s helping to lead the Tontattas’ bid for freedom. There was also some focus placed on the character of Rebecca. This chapter returns the focus to Luffy and Violet, who are trying to get out of a collapsing tower; later, Luffy, Violet, and the one-legged toy go to the suit chamber in the palace. Zoro, meanwhile, is in a middle of a fight in the tower. We also see that Robin has been turned into a toy.

Quite a bit happens in this chapter, and there’s a bit of jumping around. The story seems interesting, but because I’ve jumped so far in the middle of an already established story arc, I’m still a little lost as to what’s going on. I’m hoping this arc will start making more sense as I read more chapters.

Nisekoi CH:113

In the previous chapter, Marika asks Raku to help her give love advice to Migisuke. Unfortunately, Marika really didn’t know what she was talking about, and it ended in disaster for Migisuke. In this chapter, Ruri is told that her 100-year-old great-grandfather may not be around much longer, and that his wish is to see her with her boyfriend before he dies. To appease her great-grandfather’s maid, Ruri randomnly pulls out a picture and says it’s of her boyfriend; it turns out to be a picture of Raku. Raku finds himself in the position of having to pretend that he and Ruri are dating. Ruri believes her great-grandfather is faking his poor health when they get to his house, but the maid has news for her…

So far, of the three chapters I’ve read of Nisekoi, I’d have to say that this one was the best one. If other chapters of Nisekoi could be more like this, I’d probably enjoy the series better. Chapter 112 was supposed to be funny, and it wasn’t, at least not to me. Chapter 111 was just weird.

Naruto CH:667

In the previous chapter, Kakashi and Obito teamed up to use their mangekyo to return the Nine Tails to Naruto. When Obito arrives to help Naruto, Sakura doesn’t trust him at first. However, at the end of Chapter 666, it appears that Obito has succeeded in healing Naruto. In this chapter, Orochimaru, Sasuke’s group, and Kabuto are all by the wounded Sasuke. In a surprise move, Kabuto helps Sasuke. Meanwhile, Kakashi, Guy, Gaara, and Minato are up against Madara.

And I thought the previous chapter was intense. Yikes! Guy pulls off something rather impressive, but it isn’t quite enough. Chapter 667 ends wih Guy saying he needs to do something else to try to take down Madara. This could be pretty major, so it’s going to be interesting to see what’s going to happen in this battle with Madara. The scene with Kabuto was also interesting, and I’m curious to find out what’s going to happen to Sasuke. Aah! Chapter 668 can’t come soon enough!

Stealth Symphony CH:003

In the previous chapter, Jig is saved from an assassin by the vice president of the assassin guild. He also learns that there’s a Rank A heirloom that might be able to suppress the power of his Rank C heirloom; however, the last time it was at an auction, it went for a rather steep price; this leads Jig to getting a job. We learn at the beginning of chapter three that Jig didn’t actually get a job; he was actually rejected. Unfortunately, a half-day later, Jig discovers that no one will hire him. He smells something good and is led to Assassin Bakery; as luck would have it, there’s a help wanted sign posted in the window. It turns out the vice president of the assassin guild works in the bakery. A conversation escalates between the two, and just as it reaches its peak, Tromo appears.

This chapter focuses on Jig and his learning more about how assassins work in the city. I suspect the vice president of the assassin guild is going to end up being a major character in this series, so I expect to see more of him in future chapters. I also suspect that Jig will be starting to learn more about the heirloom that’s in his back. Stealth Symphony is still showing some promise, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Chapter Four will have in store.

Bleach CH:571

In the previous chapter, Kotechin and Assistant Captain Kusajishi steal bedding and medicine from the Quincy and hide it away. Unfortunately, they were caught by someone calling themselves “V.” It turns out he’s a hard being to fight, because he’s able to make himself appear and disappear at will. It turns out that Assistant Captain Kusajishi fights against “V” by instinct, and catches “V” by surprise…

This chapter focused exclusively on the fight with “V,” and quite a bit of time is spent on “V” explaining his abilities and hurling taunts. There’s a little bit of action between Assistant Captain Kusajishi and “V,” but this isn’t an action-packed chapter. However, with what happens at the end of the chapter, I have a feeling that Chapter 572 will have a lot more in the way of action.

One-Punch Man CH:034

In the previous chapter, Saitama wreaks havoc in the aliens’ ship, and comes face-to-face with a telekinetic. In this chapter, the telekinetic attacks Saitama, but it doesn’t inflict any damage onto Saitama. He then finds himself face-to-face with Boros, the self-proclaimed dominator of the universe. The two begin to fight it out.

This was a very action-packed chapter, although there’s not much progress for the actual story itself. But considering this is a shonen manga that focuses on fighting, I’m not surprised that there’s more focus on the fighting than on progressing the story.

Toriko CH:268

This chapter begins a new story arc for Toriko. The humans are now working together to restore the soil. IGO is working on trying to get the company back on track. There’s a flashback of when the president of IGO took in Toriko. It’s also being established that Toriko and some of the chefs are returning to the Gourmet World.

For me, the best part of this chapter is getting to see the flashback that provides some backstory for Toriko. Outside of that, the rest of the chapter is essentially setting the stage in order to get the next story arc moving. I hope that next chapter will get the story arc moving a little more.

Blue Exorcist CH:055

Rin Okimura was raised by a famous exorcist named Father Fujimoto and never knew his real father. One day Rin learns a terrible truth while he has an argument with Father Fujimoto: Rin has the blood of the demon lord Satan running in his veins. Rin swears he’ll defeat Satan, but that means entering True Cross Academy and becoming an exorcist himself. At this point in the story, Izumo has been captured by Illuminati guards in the enemy stronghold. Rin and his friends head into the Illuminati facility, and find a strange and deserted shopping mall inside. They encounter a zombie at the beginning of this chapter, and there’s a brief explanation of the differences between a zombie and a ghoul and the methods of exorcism for each. After taking down that one, the group is approached by a group of zombies; however, these zombies appear to be defective. The group tries to flee. They’re surrounded and try to find a way to escape. Suddenly, a trapdoor opens underneath the group. Izumo, meanwhile, is trying to escape on her own and ends up in a fight.

I have to admit that since I’m jumping into the middle of the series in an already established story arc, I’m having a hard time following what’s going on and truly understanding it. But from what I have been able to pick up on, Blue Exorcist appears to be an interesting series. I hope that reading future chapters of Blue Exorcist will be help me to better understand what’s going on.

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