Magical Warfare: Episode 9 – “Prelude to Destruction”

Magical Warfare focuses on Takeshi Nanase, and what happens after a chance meeting with Mui Aiba and gains the ability to do magic. Takeshi’s friends, Isoshima and Ida, get caught up in what’s taking place and also acquire magical abilities. Mui takes them to the world where magicians live; it’s a place where time has been distorted and it’s known as the Ruined World. During episode two, Takeshi, Isoshima, and Ida transferred into the Subaru Magic Academy to study magic.

We learn at the beginning of this episode that roughly two months have passed since the end of episode eight. Kazuma, the leader of the Ghost Trailers, finally reawakens after a 17-year slumber. With his reawakening, the Second Great Magic War begins.

Then, the rest of the episode sees Pendragon allying with the Ghost Trailers and launching an attack on Subaru Magic Academy. There are two particular battles that get focused on a bit during the episode.

The first sees Director Shinjou going up against three members of Pendragon, a three-man cell that none could stand against in the battle of the Ruined World. After a rather impressive battle, the director finds a way to defeat them. Unfortunately, victory is short-lived with Violet makes an appearance. After being fired by Director Shinjou, Violet launches an attack that causes the director to be knocked unconscious.

The other battle is between Takeshi and Gekkou, with Isoshima watching what unfolds. They both learn that Gekkou is with the Trailers and the magical abilities he has gained. The brothers have an epic fight, but it ultimately ends with Takeshi losing. Gekkou takes Isoshima and Twilight, while Takeshi lays unconscious. Eterna wakes Takehsi up, and says there’s only one thing she can do for him. She throws a sphere of light at him, which hits him; after being hit by the sphere, Takeshi sees images of Gekkou killing their mother. Eterna then tells Takeshi to come find her.

This was definitely one of the most action-packed episodes of Magical Warfare that I’ve seen up to this point. While there were some explanations given during the two major battles, the explanations didn’t bog down the action of the fights as much as they could have.

With this episode, I’ve come to realize that Magical Warfare has been suffering from a pacing issue. The early episodes took a while to get going to establish things; then, around episode five or six, there are very noticeable jumps in time between episodes. So around the halfway point, it feels like the writers are trying to rush us through the rest of the story in order to reach the endpoint at the end of the series. These constant jumps in time are starting to feel a little dizzying.

Episode nine was as good, if not better, than episode eight had been. So far, it appears the second half of Magical Warfare is stronger than the first half. I’ll keep watching the series in order to find out whether or not it continues to get better or not.

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