Episode 19 is set six months after the end of Episode 18. Life has been rather peaceful, and the UN Assembly is discussing the possibility of forming a World Government. The most recent polls have Masayoshi, the savior of humanity, as the most likely winner of a race for World Government President. Masayoshi, however, really has no interest in holding that office.

While visiting with Hidenori, Masayoshi learns that Hidenori will be going back to his hometown for a date with his girlfriend. When Masayoshi later shares this information with Mari and the rest of MMM, Mari hatches a plan for them to follow Hidenori while trying to disguise themselves.

The day of the date arrives, and Mari and Masayoshi follow Hidenori. Unfortunately, they don’t manage to get on the same train as him. But when Mari was staying at Hidenori’s place, she had done some snooping and found where he lived in his hometown. When Mari and Masayoshi get to the house, they encounter his mother, who says that Hidenori hasn’t come home yet. When Masayoshi mentions that Hidenori had come back to have a date with his girlfriend, Hidenori’s mother reveals the truth regarding Hidenori’s girlfriend.

And when Masayoshi returns home at the end of the episode, he has an encounter with a mysterious young man, and the first evil act in six months is suddenly committed.

Most of the first half of this episode was rather idyllic, and it was definitely meant to lull the viewer into a false sense of security. However, from watching enough anime series, I know that an episode that appears to be light-hearted so close to the end of a series means that it’s a break before hitting the final climax. That appears to be the case here. This idyllic section also served to catch the audience up on what the various characters who aren’t important in this episode are up to.

Once we reach Masayoshi and Mari talking with Hidenori’s mother, though, the episode starts taking a dark turn. I don’t want to provide spoilers here, so all I will say is that I was nearly heartbroken when I heard the truth about Hidenori’s girlfriend.

When the first evil act in six months is committed at the end of the episode, it confirmed that the series is setting itself up for reaching its climax. With only three more episodes left to go, I’m curious to see how the story of Samurai Flamenco will ultimately come to an end.

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