D-Frag!: Episode 9 – “That’s Right. I’m His Little Sister”

D-Frag! is about a boy named Kenji Kazama, a delinquent at Fujou Academy. During the first episode, he and his friends Yokoshima and Nagayama encounter the school’s Game Creation Club when they see smoke coming out of their clubroom. After putting out the fire, the three club members (Roka, Chitose, and Sakura) start using their “battle types” to fight against them. By the end of episode one, Roka and the rest of the club get Kenji to agree to become a member of their club; the club needs one more member in order to keep from being closed down.

Episode nine opens with Kenji, Ataru, Yokoshima, and Nagayama eating lunch outside. Hachi makes an uninvited appearance, and chides Kenji about leaving his briefcase unattended in the classroom. It turns out Roka told Hachi that Kenji is keeping the bag in there. After Hachi declares that he’ll get the briefcase and stuff his head inside, Ataru says he has to do it first. It’s a race to a classroom between Kenji, Ataru, and Hachi; when they get there, Kenji tells Funabori to protect it. This scene, which runs for almost five minutes, ends with Funabori putting the briefcase over her head.

This scene was such a waste, and it ultimately didn’t tie in with the rest of the episode. It felt it was there more to get the episode to the correct length, because the main story of the episode just wasn’t long enough. I think this scene was meant to be funny, but I just found it to be dumb and obnoxious.

The main story of the episode introduces the audience to Noe, Kenji’s little sister. She had been referenced in passing in an earlier episode, but this is the first time she’s actually appeared on screen. She has decided to check out the club that Kenji has joined, and she finds herself being escorted into the club room by Roka and Takao. A lengthy scene takes place here, which ultimately leads to Noe believing that the girls, especially Takao, are scary.

The only important thing to happen in this scene is that Roka sees the limited edition cell phone strap for the Magical Village game that Takao got in the previous episode. Roka is confused, since she saw Kenji in line but not Takao. Takao comes up with a cover story that she made Kenji get the game, cosplay, and do the spell as his way of paying her back for the favor that he owed her.

Between this scene in the club room and another scene later in the episode, we get the Takao boob jokes that have become expected in this show. Once again, I didn’t find the boob jokes to be funny, because they’ve really been overused. Yawn.

After episode eight had been such a promising episode, episode nine returned D-Frag! to the land of mediocrity. Personally, I think Noe should have been introduced a little earlier in the series; with only three episodes left, it’s not like she’s going to have time to truly add anything new. Also, the final scene is hinting at the introduction of a new character, and it’s someone who appears to be
looking for Kenji for some reason. Again, this feels kind of late in the series to be introducing a new character who it appears will play a major part in episode 10.

Sigh. I really shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up after episode eight. At this point, I think my main issues with D-Frag! are the fact that it doesn’t keep a consistent tone, it isn’t terribly funny, it has pacing issues, and the majority of the characters come across as rather one-dimensional. With only three episodes left, I will stick it out; however, watching D-Frag! has become drudgery for me.

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