Manga Review: Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum Volume 10

Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum Volume 10 is a manga based on the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl video games. The manga was written by Hidenori Kusaka, and the art was done by Satoshi Yamamoto. Viz Media released this manga in North America through its VizKids imprint in 2014. Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum is rated “A,” which means it is suitable for readers of all ages.

Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum Volume 10
Written by: Hidenori Kusaka
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: February 4, 2014

Volume 10 follows Dia and Pearl as they head on a journey to search for the other Legendary Pokemon, while Lady takes on the challenge of the five Battle Frontier facilities in the hopes of earning the privilege to ask the Frontier Brains about where Paka and Uji have been transported.

Dia and Pearl are approached by the chairman of the Sinnoh Region Pokemon Association and three of the four members of the Elite Four. They are told some of the information that was discovered after deciphering Charon’s notes. After this, Dia, Pearl, and the chairman begin their journey to find the other Legendary Pokemon. They are soon joined by Dr. Footstep, the guy who likes to study footprints they met earlier in the series. Why, oh why did they bring Dr. Footstep back? I didn’t care for him when he was introduced, and I’m still not that fond of him as a character now.

Quite a bit of this volume focuses on Lady and the challenges she faces at the Battle Frontier. For the most part, Lady seems to sail through it rather easily; while a couple of the Frontier Brains give her a little more of a challenge, it overall felt like she was breezing through rather easily. During her time at the Battle Frontier, she meets the following Frontier Brains: Dahlia, Thorton, Palmer, and Argenta. It turns out Palmer has a connection to one of the main characters of the series.

OK, now is it just me, or is Thorton kind of creepy looking? I know he’s supposed to be a smart guy who tries to use logical thinking, but his character design is so stoic-looking that it’s nearly creepy.

This volume also sees a young man named Buck accidentally freeing Heatran. This storyline ends up dovetailing with Lady’s storyline at the Battle Frontier. Right at the very end, there’s a brief scene of Paka and Uji in the Distortion World, as well as getting a glimpse of a Legendary Pokemon.

As I read Volume 10, I had a pretty strong feeling that we have to be getting rather close to the end of the story, especially with the more intense tone that seemed to appear throughout this volume. When I saw the page at the end that previews Volume 11, it says right on it that the next volume is the conclusion for Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum.

My only disappointment with this volume is the fact that there’s a scene that tries to utilize Dia and Pearl’s comedy routine. It was even lamer than the comedy routines that appeared earlier in the series. Pearl says he hoped it would help relax them, but to me, it felt more like a way to kill time.

If you’ve read and enjoyed the previous nine volumes of the Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum manga series, then I think you’ll really enjoy reading Volume 10.

I wrote this review after reading a copy of Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum Volume 10 that I checked out through the King County Library System.

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