Tokyo Ravens: Episode 21 – “to the DarkSky -Dark Night-“

Tokyo Ravens is an anime that follows a young man named Harutora Tsuchimikado. He was born into an onmyo family, but he had no power whatsoever. He is a member of the Tsuchimikado branch family, and the branch family is expected to serve the members of the main family. At the end of episode two, Harutora officially became the familiar for Natsume, his cousin from the main family who is believed to be the reincarnation of their ancestor, Yakou Tsuchimikado.

In episode four, Harutora and his friend Touji relocate to Tokyo to attend the Onmyo Preparatory School in order to be near Natsume. At school, Natsume has to pose as a boy, and she ends up getting a bit of unwanted attention due to the belief that she is the reincarnation of Yakou. However, her secret was revealed to several students in episode 17, and the news spread through the student body.

This episode deals with the aftermath of Natsume’s death. Harutora blames himself and insists that something can be done to bring Natsume back. When he pesters Suzuka about performing the Taizan Fukun Ritual, Yashamaru suddenly appears. Suzuka is shocked to realize that Yashamaru is a reincarnation of her father, Shido Dairenji. After a short bit of time, Yashamaru offers to perform the Taizan Fukun Ritual. Harutora doesn’t answer right away, but Yashamaru reminds him that the ritual must be performed within a certain amount of time. Yashamaru disappears, and Harutora, Suzuka, and Touji are taken by magical investigators from the Exorcism Department.

Zenjiro takes Touji, Suzuka, Kyoko, and Tenma to see Principal Kurahashi. Miyachi from the Onmyo Agency comes and informs them that Harutora will now be in the care of the agency, because they believe that Onmyo Prep can no longer handle him. After the adults leave the room, Touji and the others decide they need to get to the Onmyo Agency to rescue Harutora.

Meanwhile, Jin calls his former Master to ask for a favor: help him attack the Onmyo Agency. At the same time, Reiji receives a call to take on Jin.

Episode 21 was very intense, and I felt so bad for Harutora. At the beginning of the episode, he’s so racked with both guilt and denial that he grasps at any idea that he thinks will bring Natsume back to life. I’m rather worried about his state of mind, and I’m hoping that he doesn’t act rashly and do something stupid.

All the signs are pointing to the various storylines converging at Onmyo Agency, so I’m curious to see whether this convergence will begin in episode 22, or if they’ll converge in episode 23.

There’s only three more episodes left of Tokyo Ravens. While it seems like everything is converging, at the same time, it feels like there should be more here than three episodes’ worth of material. I really hope we don’t end up with a rushed ending for the series. I’ll watch the next few weeks to find out how this series will ultimately end.

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