Hamatora: Episode 9 – “File 09: Little Beauty and the Beast”

Hamatora is set in Yokohama in 2014. In the world of this series, humans with supernatural abilities have been discovered; they are referred to as Minimum Holders. Two Minimum Holders named Nice and Murasaki have formed a detective agency called Hamatora, and they rent out a table at the Nowhere Café and call it their office.

Episode nine sees Professor Moral, disguised as Art, removing Three and Honey from the Professor Moral case. However, most of the episode focuses on providing backstory for Three. We learn that he used to be a mercenary known as the Bloody Beast, and that he had killed people. However, he now runs an orphanage in Japan, where he raises the kids of the people he killed; he teaches them that it is not a sin to exact vengeance on those who attack you, try to take something away from you, or took something from you. He expects that once the children are older and learn who killed their families, that they will want to exact their revenge on him.

A client comes to see Hamatora about investigating Three, and that’s how a lot of this information comes to light. This was a very well-done story, and I found myself feeling a bit emotional as Three’s storyline played out.

Mixed in with this is Nice trying to find who’s been profiting online lately, since that’s how Professor Moral’s crimes work. We see him investigating a florist, and Nice thinks he may be on to something. The audience, however, learns that Nice was indeed on the right track, and that the florist does have a connection with Professor Moral.

Right at the end of the episode, it appears that Moral is finally putting his plan in motion. From seeing the title for the next episode, it appears that Moral’s plan will be the focus of episode 10.

So it looks like episode eight was meant to be an overall light-hearted episode before hitting the intensity of episode nine. And knowing we’re so close to the end of the series, I suspect the remaining episodes are also going to be intense. This increase in intensity reinforces the idea that the series is getting closer to reaching its climax.

It’s hard to believe that Hamatora is getting closer to reaching its conclusion. With a couple of exceptions, I think at this point that it’s been a rather solid and consistent series. I look forward to watching Hamatora each week, and I’ll miss the series when it’s finished.

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