The bulk of the episode focuses on Cecil and Hotaru in Canada. After being involved with the apprehension of the murder and robbery suspect from Episode Seven, Kaede parts ways with Cecil and Hotaru.

When Cecil and Hotaru make it to Cecil’s father’s home, a bit of information is revealed to Hotaru and the audience while Cecil goes out to buy some groceries. We learn a bit more about Cecil’s childhood in Canada, and how people were scared of her for being a Wud and how she was bullied for being half Japanese. As the conversation between Hotaru and Cecil’s father starts turning to the incident six years earlier in Japan, Cecil returns home and the subject is dropped. Later, during a conversation with Cecil, Hotaru learns that Cecil has no memory of what actually happened during the incident, and that all her parents ever told her was that Cecil’s mother killed someone in order to protect her.

When Cecil and Hotaru are out on a rowboat, a storm suddenly seems to roll in, and a metamoloid comes out of the water. This leads to Cecil and Hotaru trying to fight the metamoloid with magic, and over the course of their battle, some unexpected things happen and revelations are made.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Butterfly Law Office group that’s still in Boston is out and about, taking in the beach and visiting sites around Boston. At first, this felt like filler, until Diana from Helsing takes them to a restaurant. After noticing that there’s no other customers, Diana reveals her true colors and attacks. An epic magic battle takes place, and more revelations are made.

The first half of this episode was deceptively idyllic. Once it gets into the second half, it becomes incredibly intense. It turns out that I was right in my writeup of Episode Seven when I suspected that something was amiss in regards to Kaede. I’m not going to say what exactly she does in order to avoid providing a “spoiler,” but I will say that she’s not to be trusted. I will also add that I liked the way the storyline with Kaede ties back in with something we saw earlier in the series.

There’s one more revelation made: Inspector Shimuzu has more than a passing association with Macal. It turns out he has a direct connection with the leader of the group. I have to admit that I didn’t see that coming.

Near the end of the episode, Cecil sees something happen that upsets her greatly, and she does something that’s rather surprising. After the fight, though, Cecil starts getting information that leads her to believe that she needs to do more research in regard to what happened six years earlier. From the preview, it appears that her goal to do more research will be a major plot point in Episode Nine.

With Wizard Barristers starting to wind down now, I suspect the remaining episodes are going to be just as intense as the second half of Episode Eight was. I’m looking forward to watching episode nine in order to find out whether or not Cecil can start learning more about what happened to her and her mother six years ago.

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