At the beginning of Episode 20, Kensei Kanase is attacked by a guy whose attire really made me think of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. We learn he’s Kou Amatsuka, who was a student of Nina Adelard. He says he’s come to get his master’s keepsake. It’s also revealed that he had something to do with the destruction of Adelard’s monastery five years earlier; this was the monastery that Kanon lived in.

The audience also learns that Yukina, Nagisa, and Kanon will be going to a training camp. From a conversation that Yukina and Kojou have, it’s revealed that Yukina is able to go because the Lion King Organization will be sealing Schneesturm Wolfin’s power for four days in order to free her from her observer duties to go on the trip. While they’re out, Kojou is attacked by Kou, but Yukina intervenes and protects Kojou. During this confrontation, Kojou learns about Kou and his involvement with the Adelard monastery. When Kou realizes who it is he’s up against, he decides to leave for now.

Later, Kojou talks to Asagi about the monastery. When she goes to research it, she finds there’s no record of the accident in the Manmade Island Management Corporation archives. When they go to investigate the monastery, they are caught by Natsuki. When she learns about Kou, Natsuki says Kanon will need to be guarded. However, she tells Kojou not to say anything so the girls can enjoy the training camp.

After this, Yukina takes Kojou to the Lion King Organization’s Itogami Island branch office. Here, he meets Yukina’s teacher’s familiar. While talking with the familiar, Kojou suddenly starts seeing bits and pieces of what happened with Avrora in order for him to acquire his vampiric powers.

While this is going on, Kou is at the monastery and works to manipulate the Wiseman’s Blood and summon Nina Adelard while the man who has hired him watches. After summoning Nina, Kou turns on the guy and has him swallowed up by the Wiseman’s Blood. Outside the monastery, Asagi is looking for an earring she lost earlier that had been a gift from Kojou. Kou discovers her, and something unexpected happens.

So a new story arc is underway, and it brings back the monastery that we saw rather prominently in an earlier story arc. It was nice to see something that appeared to only have a small role to play earlier end up being much more important.

Also, it appears that Kojou is slowly starting to regain his memories of what happened to cause him to become the Fourth Progenitor. I wonder if he’ll continue to gain more memories of this event over the remaining episodes of the series. I’m hoping we’ll finally get to see what actually happened by the time the series ends.

Episode 20 also had a major cliffhanger ending. I’m left wondering what exactly has happened to Asagi, and I’m hoping that Episode 21 will answer that question.

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