Episode Seven places a lot of focus on Inari and Tanbabashi. It’s time for their school to put on their Cultural Festival, and their class has decided to put on a play. They’re determining parts by drawing them out of a box. When Inari goes up, Tanbabashi has already gotten the role of the prince. She wishes she could choose the slip that would make her Tanbabashi’s love interest, and she does. At first, she’s overjoyed. However, after Kon slips that Inari subconsciously used her divine power to pull the card she wanted, Inari believes that she cheated, and it really affects her performance during rehearsals.

Early on in the episode, Inari sees that Uka’s brother has disguised himself as a good-looking middle schooler again, and she gives him a hard time. Tanbabashi and a couple of his friends see this, and again jump to the wrong conclusion that Inari is going out with Ohtoshi. This also helps to make things awkward during the rehearsals for the play.

And if that wasn’t enough, a girl from another classroom asks Inari to deliver a love confession note to Tanbabashi, since Inari has been rather close to him recently. Later in the episode, we see Inari subconsciously use her divine power to get rid of the note, and Inari feels even worse. She decides to transform into the girl and confess the girl’s feelings to Tanbabashi. As she’s about to head on her way, Tanbabashi suddenly appears, looking for Inari after learning from her friends that Inari doesn’t have a boyfriend.

This episode also sees Uka receiving a letter from her mother, saying Uka will be making the dating rounds when she returns to Izumo in October with all the other gods, or else her mother will be burning some of Uka’s things. Uka really doesn’t want to do it, and she finds herself thinking about Touka. The two of them get into an argument, and near the end of the episode, Touka finds himself thinking about Uka. To the audience, it’s obvious they like each other, but neither one is willing to admit it to themselves or to the other. But with what Touka overhears right at the end of the episode, his feelings for Uka could change.

This episode also sees Tanbabashi come to the realization that he may actually be in love with Inari. However, Inari has no idea that he’s come to this realization, so I suspect their interactions going forward may be a bit on the awkward side.

Episode Seven is very pivotal for making progress in regards to potential romantic couples. At this point, it looks rather promising that Inari and Tanbabashi could end up together by the end of the series. But for Uka and Touka, however, it’s looking less likely for this pairing to materialize after what happens at the end of this episode. I hope I’m wrong, though, because I do like the two of them together.

I’m glad I continued watching Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha after not being entirely sure about it at the end of the first episode. It’s really become a sweet series to watch, and I’ve appreciated seeing how the characters have evolved. Not only does the character progression not feel forced, but the progression that has taken place has helped to make me care about the characters more.

There’s only a few more episodes of Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha left, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the series will ultimately end.

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