Tokyo Ravens: Episode 20 – “over-cry -Fireworks-“

Tokyo Ravens is an anime that follows a young man named Harutora Tsuchimikado. He was born into an onmyo family, but he had no power whatsoever. He is a member of the Tsuchimikado branch family, and the branch family is expected to serve the members of the main family. At the end of episode two, Harutora officially became the familiar for Natsume, his cousin from the main family who is believed to be the reincarnation of their ancestor, Yakou Tsuchimikado.

In episode four, Harutora and his friend Touji relocate to Tokyo to attend the Onmyo Preparatory School in order to be near Natsume. At school, Natsume has to pose as a boy, and she ends up getting a bit of unwanted attention due to the belief that she is the reincarnation of Yakou. However, her secret was revealed to several students in episode 17, and the news spread through the student body.

The beginning of the episode is a flashback of Natsume’s, which shows her creating Hokuto  and also includes re-used footage of a previous flashback that appeared in the series, when Hokuto and Harutora met.

Then, Harutora and Natsume are seen out and about, and they stop to get shaved ice. As she thinks this would be the perfect time to admit the truth about Hokuto to Harutora, his shaved ice drips and makes a mess. While he’s gone to clean himself up, Natsume is suddenly approached by the one-armed ogre, Kakugyouki, and he asks about a curse. Then he says it’s only half undone, and that the Raven Coat has been moved. Don’t let them put it on yet, because it’s a matter of life of death. He also says if worst comes to worst, go to Suzu Saotome for help.

Takiko and her group receive confirmation that Natsume is indeed female. Through some things that Kyoko’s father mentions, Takiko realizes that Natsume is not the real reincarnation, and that it was someone else and that their power has been sealed away by a curse.

At the fireworks festival, Natsume is finally able to reveal the truth about Hokuto to Harutora. However, right after Natsume makes the confession, Takiko arrives and casts a spell to awaken Harutora’s power. After she does, she releases the Raven Coat, and it envelops Harutora. However, since his spirit energy won’t settle down, it goes berserk and starts attacking on its own. Natsume takes it upon herself to try to save Harutora, although she gets some unrequested assistance from Suzuka and Touji in his half-ogre form. After Natsume makes a realization, she takes an action to save Harutora… and it appears that one of the main characters dies at the end of the episode…

This episode of Tokyo Ravens is a very important piece of the overarching story. Harutora finally has his suspicions about Hokuto confirmed, and lies that the characters and the audience believed since the beginning of the series were debunked. As Natsume has some flashbacks of comments made in previous episodes, I realized that hints had indeed been given at various times during the series that the truth regarding Harutora and Natsume shouldn’t have come as such as a surprise as it had.

When Takiko comes to the festival and causes Harutora’s powers to awaken, the episode suddenly becomes very intense. While there was some tenseness leading up to Natsume’s confession, the story became intense with Harutora’s awakening. I was so riveted by what was happening that I didn’t want to stop watching.

And I don’t want to say which major character appears to die at the end of the episode, so all I will say is that if this person has indeed died, this could have some major consequences for the remainder of the series.

Tokyo Ravens has kicked things up a notch, and we’re definitely headed into the climax of the series. I’m very curious to see what’s going to happen for the last few episodes of the series and see how the story will ultimately reach its conclusion.

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