“Altair” by Motohiro Hata is the ending theme song for Kids on the Slope, and the full-length version of the song was released as a CD single in Japan. There are two tracks on this CD: “Altair” and “Altair [Backing Track].”

Publisher: Ariola Japan
Release Date: May 30, 2012

“Altair” is a slow tempo piece that features piano as the main instrument, with some other instruments to help fill it out. Motohiro Hata’s vocal delivery is wistful and almost melancholic at times. Sonically, this song works very well as the ending song for an anime. With Kids on the Slope being such a dramatic series, the sound of this song works very well for the show’s tone.

“Altair” is a beautiful song, and can be enjoyed both as the ending theme song for Kids on the Slope as well as on its own. However, I have to say that I believe the full-length version of “Altair” is stronger than the edit used for the ending credits of the show. That’s not to say that the TV show edit is bad, but the song does lose some of its impact in the shortened version.

The only other track on the single is “Altair [Backing Track].” As it can be guessed from the title, it’s an instrumental version of the song. It’s kind of interesting being able to hear all of the music on the track and not having any of it covered up by the vocals. This is a strong instrumental, because the music is able to stand on its own without having the vocals layered on top of it. If you know enough Japanese to be able to sing along with “Altair,” the instrumental could be used to perform a karaoke version of the song.

Unfortunately, neither the opening or closing theme for Kids on the Slope was included on either of the soundtracks that were released for the series, so you have to chase down the singles that they were released on. If you like the ending theme for Kids on the Slope, the “Altair” single is the only way to acquire the song on CD.

The single for “Altair” is not available for purchase in the United States. In order to obtain a copy of it, you will have to find a retailer who can import it from Japan for you. Your best bet would be to go through an online retailer that specializes in importing music from Japan.

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