Wizard Barristers: Episode 7 – “Maple Leaf in Canada”

Wizard Barristers is set in 2018, where humans and wizards live together in Tokyo. While the police continue to protect the peace, wizards are tried according to magical law through Magic Prohibition Law. Wizards are taken to special courts, where they are defended by wizard barristers via the Court of Magic.

17-year-old Canadian-Japanese girl Cecil Sudo has become the youngest wizard barrister after passing the bar exam at 15. At the beginning of the series, she begins working for the Butterfly Law Offices.

This episode sees most of the members of the Butterfly Law Offices going to Boston for training, because Ageha is friends with Kynt, the head of the Helsing Law Offices in Boston. While they make small talk on the plane, Hotaru reveals that she traveled through Europe after graduation, and that she drove a rental car through several countries since she has an international driver’s license.

When they arrive in Boston, they learn that a robbery and murder suspect is on the run. After they arrive at Helsing, the audience sees the group being shown around the building and going through training in a montage sequence. When the sequence is over, we learn that the training finished early. It’s suggested to Cecil that she should go to Canada and visit her family since they’re done with business. When Cecil wonders about money and transportation, Hotaru is told to drive Cecil in a rental car, since she has an international driver’s license. Hotaru ends up doing it, but she’s unhappy about the situation.

The rest of the episode sees Hotaru, Cecil, and Nana Genie taking a road trip. At one point, the car suddenly stops, which angers an already infuriated Hotaru, and she takes her frustration out on Cecil. After Hotaru does some tinkering, she discovers that the battery connections were just loose.

As they continue to drive, Hotaru almost hits a girl in the road. She’s Kaede, and it turns out she’s from Japan and is here to study in order to become a wizard barrister. They take Kaede with them, since she’s headed in the same direction. During their travel, Hotaru and Cecil both end up sharing their stories. Hotaru is in love with a married college professor, and she goes to his lectures right after work; this explains why she always leaves at exactly five o’clock. Cecil admits that she became a wizard barrister because her mother is on death row for using magic to protect Cecil during an incident that took place when she and her mother first arrived in Japan six years ago. No one would listen when they said it was in self-defense, so Cecil began studying the bar at 13 in order to become a wizard barrister to help her mother and to request a retrial.

For a lot of the episode, Hotaru was being so annoying with her jealousy and snapping at Cecil, that I found myself wishing someone would bitch slap her. While I’m sorry that she’s frustrated about her one-sided love for her professor, I don’t entirely buy that this is why she’s been acting as bitchy as she has been up to this point in the series. However, after hearing Cecil’s explanation for why she’s the youngest wizard barrister in history, it appears that Hotaru may soften her jealous stance in regards to Cecil. It seems that Hotaru had believed that Cecil had only aimed for this accomplishment in order to get recognition for herself, and it appears hearing Cecil’s explanation did help to get rid of Hotaru’s misunderstanding.

The one thing that bothers me is Kaede’s appearance in the story. It is it just me, or does it seem a little too coincidental that Hotaru and Cecil just happen to run into a girl from Japan who just happens to be training to become a wizard barrister in America? I’m wondering if she may have been sent by one of the two organizations trying to awaken Cecil’s full power. I especially lean in this direction because at the beginning of the episode, Cecil thanks Shizumu for signing the papers to allow her to use magic and mentions that she’s going to Boston for training. After learning that Shizumu is affiliated with one the groups, I’m wondering if he may have tipped his group off and sent Kaede to America in order to keep tabs on Cecil.

In the next episode preview, it appears that Cecil will be reunited with her father in Canada. I’m curious to watch episode eight and see what happens with this father and daughter reunion.

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