Kids on the Slope: Original Soundtrack Plus (More & Rare) includes 36 tracks of alternate versions of tracks on the main soundtrack album, songs that were performed on the show that didn’t appear on the main soundtrack album, as well as some various pieces of background music and music snippets that weren’t included on the main soundtrack album.

Kids on the Slope: Original Soundtrack Plus (More & Rare)
Publisher: Epic Records
Release Date: July 25, 2012

There are three different versions of “Moanin'” included on this disc. The first is listed as “Moanin’ [Mono Mix],” and my husband and I both think this is the version that would’ve been used when Kaoru was listening to the song on the record player. The second version is “Moanin’ [Organ Version (Kaoru & Sentaro Duo)]”; however, this title is a little misleading. All you hear is the part in the last episode where Kaoru is trying out “Moanin'” when he first finds the organ in the church. The final track on the disc is “Moanin’ [Ending Version],” and this is the actual performance that Kaoru and Sentaro do in the church at the end of the final episode. I was so glad to get this version of “Moanin'” on CD, because I think it sounds awesome with the organ.

Another standout of this disc are the two rock songs performed by the band that Seiji forms for the cultural festival: “Hey Boy” and “Bang Bang Bang.” While it was a little disappointing they weren’t included on the main disc, I can still understand why they were included on this second soundtrack instead. Since the main soundtrack CD has a jazz sound to it, these rock songs just would not have fit sonically.

I also enjoyed “Baka Session.” This is the music that was heard in the show at one point when Kaoru and Sentaro are playing together at a point they’re having a fight. Admittedly, this sounds rather discordant, but it’s very memorable from the series. I also recognized the song, “Slope,” as background music that was used during the show.

“But Not For Me [Festival – Jazz Version]” is the version of the song that was performed during the cultural festival. There’s also a version of “Lullaby of Birdland” included on this disc that’s labeled as “Lullaby of Birdland [Sax-Intro Version].” This is basically the same version of “Lullaby of Birdland” that appears on the main soundtrack disc, but it includes an introduction with a saxophone. This disc also includes a re-arranged version of the background track, “Yurika.”

There’s a few tracks on this CD that are about 10 seconds in length. If you’re not paying close enough attention, you might not even notice that they ever played.

I have to admit that I really didn’t recognize most of the other tracks on the disc from the show, but there were still some good pieces among the ones I didn’t recognize.

Since this soundtrack focuses more on alternate versions and obscure background tracks, I can only truly recommend this CD to die-hard fans of the music of Kids on the Slope that want to own as much of the music from the show on CD as possible, as well as to fans of Yoko Kanno’s work.

However, this soundtrack has not been released in North America, so you’ll need to look for it at sites that sell Japanese import CDs and try to find the best deal.

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