Manga Review: Case Closed Volume 13

Case Closed Volume 13 is a manga by Gosho Aoyama, and it was published in North America by Viz Media in 2006. The series is rated “T+” for older teens; personally, I would agree with this rating.

Case Closed Volume 13
Written by: Gosho Aoyama
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: September 19, 2006

High school student Jimmy Kudo is a teen detective who was shrunk down to his first grade self after being caught by a crime organization and forced to take an experimental poison. Unknown to the criminals, Jimmy survived; in order to hide this fact, Jimmy takes on the identity of Conan Edogawa, and claims to be the relative of family friend Dr. Agasa. As Conan, Jimmy lives with his friend Rachel Moore and her bumbling private investigator father, Richard; however, Rachel doesn’t know Conan’s true identity. As Conan, Jimmy has been able to covertly help Richard solve the cases that come his way.

Volume 13 opens with the solution to the murder mystery at the Sherlock Holmes tour that began near the end of Volume 12, and I have to say that the murderer was rather clever overall. This mystery is also important to the Case Closed universe because Harley finally learns the truth about Conan’s identity.

The first new mystery in Volume 13 sees Conan and Rachel joining Serena at her family’s beach house. While they’re there, they run into Serena’s sister’s finace Yuzo Tomizawa and his father. That night, Yuzo’s father is murdered in front of Serena’s family’s beach house, and it turns out that Yuzo and his brothers (who are triplets) are the suspects. Conan must take all the clues that come out and figure out who the real murderer is.

This is a mystery I was already familiar with from seeing it in the anime series. It’s a mystery where you have to unravel three alibis and figure out which brother isn’t telling the truth. Unfortunately, I had hard time figuring this one out when I first saw it in the anime, because they key to unraveling the mystery relied on knowledge that I didn’t know before watching the episode, and only learned when Conan mentions it.

Next is a murder mystery involving a painter and the female illustrator that he’s been having an affair with. When she threatens to reveal the truth behind many of the paintings that will be appearing in his upcoming published collection, he attacks her and accidentally kills her. The audience already knows he’s the killer before Conan even learns of the mystery, but Conan has to figure out what actually happened.

This is another mystery that I already knew from watching the Case Closed anime series. This is one of those mysteries where the audience already knows who actually committed the murder, but doesn’t know how the painter made it look like she jumped off her balcony to commit suicide instead of having been clubbed to death. To me, the enjoyment of this particular mystery was trying to deduce how the painter pulled off this trick and seeing Conan try to prove that the painter was guilty.

In the final mystery in Volume 13, Dr. Agasa takes the Junior Detective League to the set of the Gomera movie, which is being directed by one of his friends. Besides meeting some of the cast and staff, the kids also witness the producer declaring that this will be the last Gomera film. Later, someone dressed in a Gomera suit attacks the producer and murders him on the set. Conan and the other members of the Junior Detective League witness Gomera making a getaway. Together, they must piece together and the clues and figure out who the guilty party is.

This was also another mystery that I first saw in the anime series. When I first saw the story in the anime, I had basically narrowed the suspect down to two people. Unfortunately, the true culprit ended up being the one I didn’t want it to be, and I felt bad for the Junior Detective League for having to witness this particular suspect committing this crime.

Aoyama continues to tell compelling mysteries, and most of them keep the reader guessing until the answer is revealed. His writing style keeps the Case Closed series from feeling formulaic and keeps the reader wanting to come back for more.

If you’ve read and enjoyed previous volumes of Case Closed, then I think you’ll enjoy reading Volume 13.

I wrote this review after reading a copy of Case Closed Volume 13 that I checked out through the King County Library System.

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