Anime DVD Review: Last Exile: Queen Delphine

Last Exile: Queen Delphine is a DVD with three episodes of the Last Exile television anime series that was released by Geneon in 2004.

Last Exile: Queen Delphine
English Publisher: Geneon
Format: DVD
Release Date: October 12, 2004

Claus and Dio return to the Silvana at the beginning of episode 21, they find that the crew is missing. When they search the bridge, they find that Delphine has captured both Alvis and the ship. However, Tatiana and Alister are able to sneak a transport out in order to return Sophia to the Urbanus. Delphine takes Dio, Alvis, Alex, and Claus with her to the Guild. After returning to the Guild, Dio undergoes a transformation and his personality changes; he no longer recognizes Alvis and Claus as his friends.

Covenant Day arrives, and Dio takes part in the Trial of the Agoon, which is a mortal combat against other Guild members in order to claim inheritance of the Maestro’s position. In the end, Dio prevails. At the same time, the operation to capture Guild Claudia units takes place at Horizon Cave. Delphine takes Alvis and Claus to the location of Exile, and Exile senses Alvis’ presence. Delphine uses a truth serum on Alex, which causes him to recite the Mysteria and to admit he has not read the final one before entrusting it to Sophia.

The Silvana heads into Guild territory to recapture Exile. The Anatoray and Disith soldiers seize the Guild’s Claudia units, and in one of the battleships, Mullin is seriously wounded during battle. The end of episode 23 sees Dio’s servant, Lucciola, doing something unexpected.

While there may only be three episodes included on this disc, quite a bit happens in order to progress the story forward. As a viewer, I could really feel that the series is getting pretty close to ending by the time I finished the final episode on the disc.

After seeing what happened to Mullin at this point in the story, I really wonder what the purpose for his character was. In the long run, he didn’t truly add anything of any real significance. The only important thing he seemed to do was to help Claus and Lavie back in the second episode. He disappears for five episodes, and then any appearances he made starting with episode eight didn’t add anything of any real importance to the story.

It was kind of sad to see the change in personality that happened to Dio after he returned to the Guild. While he was never one of my favorite characters from the series, he was at least somewhat likable. After the personality change, he acts like someone who’s been brainwashed, and this drastic change in personality is almost scary.

Delphine really shows her true colors in the three episodes included on this disc. She believes she’s above everyone else, makes a production out of eating delicacies that most people wouldn’t be able to afford to eat, and has a way of nearly torturing people in order to make them talk.

When it comes to the DVD itself, there are four bonus features. The first is labeled as “Ten-Star Announcement”; this is a one screen advertisement for a plus of the toy that Alvis is seen carrying around over the course of the series. Next is “Art Gallery,” which contains 10 pages of model sheets. “Geneon Previews” includes a menu of three properties that the company was promoting at the time this DVD was released. The fourth and final extra on the disc is the DVD Credits.

If you enjoy Last Exile, then it’s a series that you should add to your home video collection. Unfortunately, this DVD by Geneon is long out of print. However, FUNimation acquired the rights for the series after Geneon went out of business, and released a complete series box set for Last Exile in 2009. This box set might be worth tracking down if you want to own Last Exile on DVD.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of Last Exile: Queen Delphine that I checked out through the King County Library System.

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