D-Frag!: Episode 7 – “That’s Dirty–!!”

D-Frag! is about a boy named Kenji Kazama, a delinquent at Fujou Academy. During the first episode, he and his friends Yokoshima and Nagayama encounter the school’s Game Creation Club when they see smoke coming out of their clubroom. After putting out the fire, the three club members (Roka, Chitose, and Sakura) start using their “battle types” to fight against them. By the end of episode one, Roka and the rest of the club get Kenji to agree to become a member of their club; the club needs one more member in order to keep from being closed down.

Episode seven continues the competition that began in episode six. There’s a little bit of a timeskip at the beginning, because it turns out Kenji was out cold for most of the competition. A decision was made to make him a seeded player and see if he came to. When he comes to, it’s already the semifinals. Roka and Takao are playing some strange version of musical chairs, and Kenji faces off with Hachi in a thumb war. The semifinals are decided when Roka is able to trick Takao and then takes a seat on the chair for the game and Hachi is so distracted by their game that Kenji is able to defeat him in the thumb war.

The final match between Roka and Kenji will be decided with a round of The King’s Game. It’s a game where a bunch of wooden sticks are gathered up and are numbered according to the number of players, with one being designated as the winning stick. At first, Kenji and Roka try to psyche each other out about how much luck they have. In a surprise move, Kenji does something to make it so it’s more than simply a game of chance in the hopes of increasing his chances to win.

For the most part, episode seven focused a lot on the games being played and the humor aspect of the series. However, there’s an important scene that takes place between Roka and Kenji at the end of the episode, and it’s much more on the serious side. However, that moment is soon ruined by Hachi declaring that he and Kenji will continue to be romantic rivals for Roka and her bags.

So far, I have to say that I don’t think that Hachi is adding much of anything of any real relevance to the series. I find him to be an annoyance more than anything else.

So far, I have to say that I’m kind of disappointed in D-Frag! I was hoping for a comedy that would make me chuckle; instead, I don’t find the gags and humor to be terribly funny. At this point, I’m going to go ahead and finish the series since it’s so close to ending, but I’m not really holding out any hope that it’s going to get any better before it finishes.

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