Tiger & Bunny Set 2 is a set that collects the remaining 12 episodes of the series in one release, and it was made available as both a DVD set and as a Blu-ray set. This review focuses on the DVD pressing of Tiger & Bunny Set 2.

Tiger & Bunny Set 2
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Format: DVD
Release Date: May 14, 2013

Episode 14 picks up 10 months after the Ouroboros incident, and Kotetsu and Bunny are now a successful and popular superhero team. Karina (aka Blue Rose) also discovers that she’s developing feelings for Kotetsu. Meanwhile, Keith (aka Sky High) starts questioning his ability to save people after being overtaken by Barnaby in the rankings. He meets a strange girl named Cis and falls in love with her. Unfortunately, their relationship is doomed when it’s discovered that she is actually an android created by a scientist named Rotwang.

Kotetsu discovers that his powers are starting to deteriorate, and amidst his confusion, makes a trip home to see his family. He makes the decision to retire from being a superhero, and also discovers that his daughter Kaede now has NEXT powers. Before Kotetsu can tell Barnaby about his plans to retire, Barnaby learns that Jake wasn’t the one who killed his parents. After this revelation, Barnaby finds that his memory of the event is getting all jumbled up. The remaining episodes are fueled by a major plot twist in regards to one of the characters.

At the beginning of this set, the first couple of episodes feel like “filler” material. However, near the end of the series, the events of these episodes end up tying in to the overall plot. When all is said and done, there isn’t truly any filler in this series.

These episodes also show an influence from the classic 1920’s sci-fi film, Metropolis. Both productions have a scientist named Rotwang that develops androids, and they use their androids to try to take over the world. It was definitely more than a simple homage here. There was definitely a direct influence from the film.

The episodes in this set also contained plot twists and turns that kept me at the edge of my seat. As these twists and turns happened, I wanted to keep watching to see how the story would end. After finishing the series, I can say that I’m very satisfied with how it concluded.

Tiger & Bunny is a fantastic series, and it’s very deserving of all the accolades I’ve seen it receive in the anime community. It’s a well-written series with fully developed characters that the viewer comes to love, and the animation is top-notch.

When it comes to the DVD set itself, there are five bonus features included. The first is “Production Art,” which includes 19 pages. Among those 19 pages are model sheets of characters, model sheets of vehicles, and one background image.

A clean opening is included, which is a textless version of the new opening that is introduced in this set. There are also two clean endings: the first is the new ending that is introduced in this set, and the other is the ending from the final episode which is presented in full screen instead of being an inset like it was in the final episode.

A Japanese trailer for these episodes is included, and it’s one minute in length. It has Japanese audio, but there are no English subtitles included. The final option is “More From VIZ Media,” and all that’s included is the Neon Alley trailer that appears at the beginning of both discs in the set.

If you watched Tiger & Bunny either as a simulcast back in 2011 or with the English dub on Neon Alley and enjoy the series, I would recommend adding it to your anime home video library if you can. If you have Blu-ray capability, I would recommend purchasing the Blu-ray version of this set.

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