Anime DVD Review: Last Exile: Grand Stream

Last Exile: Grand Stream is a DVD with four episodes of the Last Exile television anime series that was released by Geneon in 2004.

Last Exile: Grand Stream
English Publisher: Geneon
Format: DVD
Release Date: August 10, 2004

In episode 17, a vanship courier arrives with a message from Walker, inviting the Silvana to Horizon Cave for repairs and resupply. Lescius reveals to Alex that he’s a member of the purged House Dagobert and entrusts him with the third Mysterion. Prime Minister Marius of the purged House Bassianus, sent the final Mysterion to Alex before his death.

When the Silvana arrives at Horizon Cave, they find it’s being used as a training base against the Guild. While they’re there, Claus meets Mikhail Wednesday, the older brother of Ralph Wednesday; Ralph was the vanship pilot who died and Claus took over his duty of delivering Alvis. Claus and Lavie are also reunited with some vanship pilots from Norkia. It turns out Duke Mad-thane was inspired by Claus and Lavie’s actions at Minagith, and wants vanship pilots to fly as fighter support. Claus and Lavie take this news rather hard, because they feel responsible for their friends being pulled into the battle. Also, Mullin realizes that being a musketeer is his true calling, so he leaves the Silvana to join the musketeer squad that’s currently at Horizon Cave.

Sophia, who is now an empress, visits with a Disith commander and shows him a copy of the peace offer that had been lost in the Grand Stream 10 years earlier. As a gesture of goodwill, Disith supplies Anatoray with a map of the Grand Stream’s air currents and a recording of Exile’s acoustic signature. A formal alliance between Anatoray and Disith is signed at Sophia’s coronation as Empress. Delphine’s ship arrives and rains down rose petals as a declaration of war. Dio panics.

After the ceremony, the Silvana heads to the Dragon’s Fangs and finds the Urbanus flying under the imperial banner. Sophia comes aboard the Silvana and proposes that the two ships search for Exile six days ahead of Covenant Day in the Grand Stream. Sophia also reveals to Claus that Alvis is the key to turning Exile against the guild.

While planning the strategy to capture Exile, Sophia asks Dio to fly as Claus’ navigator, but Dio refuses because he fears being found again by Delphine. In the last episode, Exile is located and Dio agrees to fly as Claus’ navigator. The Guild locates Dio and Delphine orders Cicada to retrieve him at all costs.

The episodes on this disc make some major progress in the story, and as you watch the disc, you can tell the story is getting closer to its climax. I have to say that when I saw Mullin leave the ship and join the musketeers, I found myself wondering why he was even in the story in the first place. At this point, I find myself thinking that he and musketeers will be playing an important part in the story at some point during the final six episodes of the series.

When it comes to the DVD itself, there are four bonus features. The first is labeled as “Textless Opening Version 2.” Next is “Art Gallery,” which contains 12 pages of model sheets. “Geneon Previews” includes a menu of three properties that the company was promoting at the time this DVD was released. The fourth and final extra on the disc is the DVD Credits.

If you enjoy Last Exile, then it’s a series that you should add to your home video collection. Unfortunately, this DVD by Geneon is long out of print. However, FUNimation acquired the rights for the series after Geneon went out of business, and released a complete series box set for Last Exile in 2009. This box set might be worth tracking down if you want to own Last Exile on DVD.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of Last Exile: Grand Stream that I checked out through the King County Library System.

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