Anime DVD Review: One Piece Second Season Sixth Voyage

One Piece Season Two Sixth Voyage is a two-disc set that contains episodes 117-130 of the One Piece anime series. The first disc has seven episodes, and a commentary on episode 119. The second disc has seven episodes and the set’s bonus features. You can watch the episodes with either the English dub or the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. It should also be noted that in addition to watching episodes or using the “Play All” option, there is also a marathon feature, which allows you to watch all the episodes on a disc back-to-back without interruption. In the marathon feature, the opening credits only plays once, there are no next episode previews, and the ending credits are not included.

One Piece Second Season Sixth Voyage
English Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
Format: DVD
Release Date: March 16, 2010

This set begins with Nami battling with Miss Doublefinger, while trying to figure out her new weapon, the Clima Takt. At the same time, Zoro is fighting against Mr. 1. After Vivi learns from Crocodile that he’s after a weapon called Pluton and that there’s a bomb set to be shot off into the square where the people are fighting, she is able to talk to Koza and tell him what’s going on. When Koza tries to get the rebel army to stop fighting, he is shot by a member of Baroque Works who has disguised himself to look like someone from the Royal Guard.  After Koza is shot, fighting breaks out between the two factions.

When Crocodile tries to Vivi from the top of the palace, she is rescued by the arrival of Luffy, who is riding on Pell in his bird form. After getting Vivi to safety, Luffy goes back to the top of the palace to have a second battle with Crocodile.

Later, Crocodile and Luffy have another match after Crocodile, King Cobra, and Ms. All Sunday (who we learn is actually named Nico Robin) go to the royal tomb for Miss All Sunday to read the Poneglyph in order to discern the location of the Pluton. Before Luffy’s arrival, Nico tells Crocodile that the location of the Pluton isn’t stated there, and Crocodile tries to kill her.

Meanwhile, Vivi and the other Straw Hats try to find the bomb. Vivi ultimately figures it out, and it’s a heroic deed by Pell that saves the day. The final four episodes in the set wrap up the Alabasta Arc, by Vivi and the others having to prove what happened, the beginning of rebuilding the country, and Luffy and the Straw Hats’ escape from being captured by the Navy as they leave Alabasta. During their escape, the Straw Hats receive help from an unexpected ally. And in the final episode, they find they have a stowaway on board their ship.

This is another set where a lot takes place over the course of the 14 episodes included on it. The Alabasta Arc has definitely concluded. I have to say that I was satisfied with how the arc ended, because it was realistically the most realistic way to bring this storyline to a close.

Vivi’s character development continues throughout this set, and by the end, she has become someone who will become a strong leader for her country. I admit that I’m going to miss seeing Vivi when I start watching the next DVD box set, but her part in the story is now done. However, the stowaway they discover at the end of the set will definitely add an interesting element to the series going forward.

As for the DVD set itself, there are two selections for bonus features on the second disc: “Textless Songs” and “Trailers.” The “Textless Songs” feature includes the opening song “Hikari E” and the closing song “Shining Ray.” There are also eight trailers available for viewing in the “Trailers” option.

If you’re a One Piece fan and are trying to collect the episodes on DVD, you can purchase this set for episodes 117-130. More recent DVD collections are packaging 24 episodes per set, and those releases would also be worth considering if you want to add One Piece to your home video library.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of One Piece Season Two Sixth Voyage that I checked out through the King County Library System.

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