Anime DVD Review: Revolutionary Girl Utena The Apocalypse Saga

The Revolutionary Girl Utena The Apocalypse Saga is a DVD box set that includes four DVDs, which cover the final 13 episodes of the series.

Revolutionary Girl Utena The Apocalypse Saga
English Publisher: Software Sculptures
Format: DVD
Release Date: November 11, 2003

At the beginning of this set, Saionji is given permission to return to Ohtori Academy after being expelled for injuring Touga. Upon his return, Saionji challenges Utena to another duel. When Utena discovers that Anthy can pull out an even stronger sword than the Sword of Dios, she uses it to defeat Saionji.

Akio appears before Touga and takes him to a place called the “End of the World.” Together, they take each one of the remaining Student Council members there. Each one chooses a “bride” to take a sword from their hearts in order to fight Utena. The victor of the duels will be determined by the strength of the bond between the Duelist and the Bride. Miki chooses Kozue, Shiori chooses Ruka, Juri chooses Ruka, and Nanami chooses Touga.

As far as the episodes go, the set starts with the episode, “Nanami’s Egg,” which is by far one of the most bizarre episodes in the series. I’m sure there’s some kind of symbolism involved with this episode, but I think it ultimately went over my head.

While the episodes on the first two discs are important, I didn’t like them as much as the episodes on the other two discs in the set. By the end of disc three, you become riveted in what is happening, and you really don’t want to stop watching. The series ends with an exciting and surprising conclusion.

All four of the discs contain an Art Galley as an extra. These consist of stills from the episodes, as well as some production art. However, the images flash by so quickly, that it can be difficult to pause on a particular image that you’d like to take a closer look at.

Three of the four discs contain an interview with one of the voice actors from the English dub version. The first disc has an interview with Jimmy Zoppi, the voice of Miki. The third disc has an interview with Josh Mosby, the voice of Akio. And the fourth disc has an interview with Sharon Becker, the voice of Anthy. Each voice actor talks a little bit about the character they played, as well as how they got into the anime voice over business.

Each disc contains a link in the extras menu labeled, “Revolutionary Girl Utena Storyline.” The first disc has episode recaps for the last disc included in the Revolutionary Girl Utena Black Rose Saga DVD set. The remaining three discs contain a recap of the episodes included on the previous disc in this set.

Each disc also contains an extra labeled as “Trailer.” This is a trailer that was produced for when the particular disc was marketed individually, since these box sets are collections of discs that were originally released individually.

The fourth disc contains three features that aren’t included on any of the other discs. The first is labeled as “Chu Chu Montage”; this is a roughly two-minute long montage of shots and scenes that feature the character Chu Chu.

There’s also an “Ohtori Academy Scrapbook,” which includes pictures of the characters; when a picture is selected, you see the character’s name and a one-line fact about the character. The only drawback to this feature is the fact that you don’t get to choose which pictures to look at. This feature is programmed to select the pictures in a particular order for the viewer.

There is also a link labeled “Fan Art Contest,” and this is a slideshow of fan art and cosplay contest winners.

Each DVD also includes a “Previews” link, which includes previews for properties that Central Park Media was promoting at the time this DVD box set was released.

Unfortunately, this box set is out of print; luckily, Right Stuf has acquired the rights to Revolutionary Girl Utena and has reissued the series in three DVD box sets.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of Revolutionary Girl Utena The Apocalypse Saga that I checked out through the King County Library System.

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