Strike the Blood: Episode 18 – “Fiesta for the Observers III”

Strike the Blood is set on Itogami Island, and it’s known as the Demon District because it’s the home of various magical beings who have been authorized by the government to live there for protection and research purposes. The main character of the series is Kojou Akatsuki; three months prior to the start of the series, he became the Fourth Progenitor, which has given him vampiric powers. A girl named Yukina Himeragi has been given a mission by the Lion King Organization to observe Kojou, and if she deems him to be dangerous, she has been ordered to kill him.

The episode opens with Kojou on board Dimitri’s boat, and he meets Kira Levedev Voltisvala, a blood relative of the Warlord. Later, when Kojou is taking a bath, he’s first approached by a group of girls in bikinis, who say they’re daughters of royalty and statesmen from the nations surrounding the Warlord’s Empire and that they’re hostages. They try to seduce Kojou, but he shuts them down. After they leave, Natsuki and Asagi enter, and Asagi and Kojou don’t react well at first.

Later, after Natsuki is put to bed, she suddenly gets up and starts saying that her main personality has transitioned to sleep mode and is now connecting subconsciously to a backup memory domain and initiating a restore. When Kojou asks if this means that Natsuki’s memory will be coming back, the Natsuki in front of them says she is Natsuki’s backup avatar.

Meanwhile, Yukina and Sayaka are outside the boat, and they are approached by Dimitri. He asks Yukina some cryptic questions about observing Kojou. Before this can go too far, though, they are interrupted by Broodt Dumblegraff, an inmate from the prison barrier who’s trying to get Natsuki.

Asagi ends up being taken away from the boat to help with the weird space that has appeared around Saikai Academy. Vatler and Broodt have a major battle. While their battle is going on, Sayaka is having a battle of her own with another inmate.

After these two battles have concluded, Yuuma’s mother suddenly appears, and some surprising things happen.

It turns out what I thought was going on with Natsuki isn’t quite what I thought it was. I hadn’t guessed that this Natsuki is a backup avatar.

The scene in the bath was interesting, especially the conversation that Asagi and Kojou have. Admittedly, this scene is a little more on the “fanservice” side of things, but it still shows some interesting interactions between these two characters we hadn’t seen previously. Also, when they’re in the bedroom putting Natsuki to sleep, they had an interesting argument.

I know I said early on that I was rooting for Kojou and Yukina as a couple, but after seeing episode 18, I can also start seeing Kojou and Asagi as a couple. In some respects, I feel like my loyalties on this may be shifting to Kojou and Asagi.

Episode 18 definitely ends on a cliffhanger, and I can’t wait to see how this story arc will continue in episode 19.

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